Has this happened to you??

  1. I was eating out the other day and there was a couple of ladies (20-25 years old maybe) on the table behind me. I had my Ecru Antigua Pm with me and no spare chair so I hung it on the back of my chair.
    Later as the ladies left my boyfriend told me he'd seen them take a pic of my bag, but in an admiring way not a nasty way.

    I thought it was quite funny, in the UK it is very rare for a stranger to openly compliment you , I like the US way where people just opely compliment, I don't mind saring info about my bag.

    I did wonder if I'd log on to tpf and see a pic of my back :lol: ( I also had on my LVoe Bandeau) .

    Has anybody else had people take pics of there bag?? secretly or openly?
  2. lol..that's nice..
  3. Nice to be treated like a celebrity.
  4. hah! nice, noone has even taken a pic of my bag... well not that I know of!
  5. lool..how interesting! You think they were really taking a pic of your bag..? maybe there was something else in that general direction they were photographing?
  6. ^ there was nothing in front of me because my table was kinda angled to the side I guess they could have taken a pic of the wall but it was kinda plain :p
  7. People have asked me to take pictures of my Louis Vuitton bags a couple of times, and I always let them. I think it's cute! :p
  8. lol..no can't say I had....i totally thought you were in the USA labeladdict...then I saw your info and it said UK.
  9. No, but I've had someone ask if he could take a picture of me! :p
  10. No this has never happened to me but I do get compliments once in a while. It's funny now that I'm thinking about it..I remember when I first got and carried my Cerises speedy I got compliments All the time!
  11. Noone has ever taken pics of my bags but I have had compliments!
  12. Havent had anyone taken pictures of any of my bags but I agree in the US people will pay compliments directly to you :smile:
  13. Same here. :p
  14. Oh, and I was actually carrying my Monogram Speedy 30 when that happened! :nuts:
  15. I only have people take photos of my dog:p She had two people take photos of her today in the park as she has just had her coat clipped:heart: