Has this happened to you, too?

  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrr, this drives me crazy. Have you been outbid on eBay for some Hermes goodie, with the price getting driven up and up in the process, only to find that the buyer turns around and lists it for sale immediately? This just happened to me and I'm miffed, big time.

    Do I suck it up and bail the buyer out of purchase that he or she went a bit nuts on and clearly regrets, or just let it go? I'm bothered because the bidding got a bit out hand because of this buyer. I stopped bidding just $100 short of the asking price, but felt if I'd continued bidding that the buyer would have done the same.

    What to do????
  2. Why are you bidding before the last minute? You must have been part of the bidding run up. You and/or shills of the buyer ran it up on a newbie.
    I would email the buyer/now seller and propose a price that you were will to pay originally.
  3. OK, while Hummingbird is technically correct about the smartest bidding strategy being to wait and snipe....I admit that I do this too sometimes!! I don't like the snipe engines that I have tried, and I often forget things on my watch list until it's too late, so I often "nibble".

    That all aside, though, I like the idea of emailing the "new" seller and offering the price you initially intended to pay. The worst she can do is say no!
  4. Hummingbird, the buyer wasn't a newbie (plenty of feedbacks) and I wasn't part of the run up. Others did that, including the buyer. I use a snipe service and put a generous best offer there for the end of the auction. I was outbid in the last moment.

    If the buyer kept the item, I'd just shrug it off. What annoys me is that the buyer's bidding blew right past my best offer price and then the buyer didn't want the darned thing.
  5. I don't use a snipe service and I don't recommend anyone do so either. I tend to my own business. When I want something, i get it.
    Snipe services tell the sellers what your top bid is, and then the seller's shills run the bid up to just under your top dollar. I know this for a fact, because i used to buy gems, and it became very obvious they work hand in glove. When i confronted the seller, he denied it, and changed his seller name. Moron.
  6. If the seller had been in on this, I'd have gotten the item.
  7. I think, then, in this instance as you describe it, the seller wasn't happy with the top bid - yours - and had a friend overbid you, or the buyer thought it was an immediate investment. I've seen that before. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Email the new seller to try to figure out what she wants. Good luck. Keep us posted if you find out what's up.
  8. In this instance, I can safely say that the seller had nothing to do with this. The seller is on TPF's recommended list and is a pleasure to buy from. It's really the buyer's doing.

    Part of me wants to contact the buyer/new seller to offer my top price in the original auction, and part of me is too miffed about having to pay this much for something that probably would have sold for a great deal less if this buyer hadn't jumped in. The buyer/new seller may have considered it as an immediate investment. I wonder if there's another buyer willing to pay as dearly for the item.
  9. Sorry that this has happened, Millstream. :crybaby: HUGS! :heart:
  10. it is hard to second guess something like this, u cannot drive yourself crazy wondering why the buyer did anything, if u want it, treat yourself. it is supposed to bring you pleasure :flowers:

  11. Sweet MrsS and Haute Couturess, thanks for understanding. I'm thinking that it'd be best to just move on and let this one go. The karma doesn't feel right, KWIM?
  12. Millstream - is the buyer/new seller asking much more for it? If not, then you might get if for your original price. Keep us posted.
    Re the karma - yes, that's a point. A good way to look at it. Ah, the zen of Hermes.
  13. it never will hurt to make an offer, but do what makes you happiest
  14. Thanks to all of you for helping me to process my feelings about this. When things are this difficult and unpleasant, they just aren't meant to be. I'm going to walk away.
  15. Yes, sweetie. Walk away from this one. If it's meant to be, another lovlier piece would come along.

    If I know what you're after, I can help keep an eye out for you.