Has this happened to you too?

  1. I didn't realize that I really only carry my bbags lately and have stopped using everything else. A couple days ago, I carried another bag because I was going somewhere that might result in my bag getting dirty and didn't want to risk that happening to a bbag. I felt so weird the whole day. This other bag is similar in size and shape to my box. Carrying it felt all wrong because the straps were thinner than what I'm normally used to. Every time I unzipped the bag, it would take a few tries because I'm used to pulling on the long tassels which this other bag does not have. In the past, I've never gotten so used to any type of bag where I would feel awkward with another. I guess this means I should only have bbags. ;) Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Yep the same with me I only carry Bbags, If I don't take out a Bbag it ruins my day, My BF and I went on vacation to the beach last week I didn't want to take a Bbag just incase it got ruined but I was upset the whole time, when I was sat in the car I missed hugging the soft leather, they are like teddy bears for me.:yes:
  3. Yes - I totally understand. :yes: One day it was raining cats and dogs, and though I've taken my bbags out in the rain before, I just decided to break out my LV batignolles that day. It felt weird carrying it! First, the bag was too small. I've grown accustomed to the roominess my cities had. And, like marie, I missed stroking the soft leather. Caught myself trying to do that with the canvas, and it just felt wrong! Soon as I got home, I changed everything I had out of that LV and went back to my bbags, and I haven't carried anything else since! :nuts:
  4. Sort of...

    Once I got my first bbag I sold a quilted Michael Kors that I had. The only bags I have now are 2 Balenciaga's and an Anna Corinna Mini tote. I wouldn't sell the AC b/c I love it - the color, shape, size.. it's amazing :heart: *But* I'll never buy any other bag but Balenciaga again ;) And I'm sure on that, even though I'm only 21 and I'm sure my taste will change, I honestly can't see me ever outgrowing my Balenciaga's.. b/c they're not "prissy", they have amazing leather, but they've also got a real 'cool-ness' about them :yes:
  5. :yes: :yes:

    I've been carrying my bbag everyday since I've purchased my first :marine city.

    I have carried my Kelly on several occasions but for an everyday city life bag, Balenciaga rules~
  6. Yep, I know how that feels! That's why I've only bought Bbags in the past 5 years. It feels completely wrong when I carry something other than Bbags, and eveything else it too heavy compared to my precious Balenciagas!:push:

    When I started my Balenciaga addiction in 02, I sold almost everything else I had. I sold all of my LVs, some Chanels, Guccis, and Pradas. Now the only other non-Bbags I have are: a few BVs, 2 of the 03 MJs, and some Jas M.B.s.

    Well, in these 3 years, I haven't even been tempted to buy other bags other than Bbags. There're a lot of nice bags out there, but somethings's not right. I don't love any of them, so I just keep going back to Bbags....happily!!!

    I only carry Balenciagas whether to go run errands, go to work, spend weekends with DH at a park, or even to travel. OK, the only exception is when I go out. I carry a clutch with me when I go out, and it's usually vintage. The only other bags I buy other than Balenciaga are clutches.
  7. :love: Yeah Bbags are my security blankets:tender:
  8. I only carry my BBags, too!:smile: I'm so glad to have found such like minded individuals!:drinkup: I sometimes consider taking a different bag out of its dustbag (where ALL of my other bags have been sitting for a while now) but I just bring myself to do it! :shame:

    :smile:BBags just make me happy!:party:
  9. I also carry my bbags since the day i started buyin my 1st bbag but i do have some other non-bbags such as LVs, Fendi, Gucci, BV, Mulberry, Prada, Chanel, etc and sold most of them and left only a few other non-bbags, they are 1 fendi spy, 1 mulberry, 1 prada and 1 LV sling bag, 2 gucci bag/waist pouch, 1 anya hindmarch, 1 coach straw large bag.

    However, i don't deny that i still carry some other non-bbags (but very seldom as they are not sitting in my closet) as i still adore brands such as Chanel and Bottega Veneta (which i'm currently eyeing).

    Most of the time, i will carry my bbags for work, clubbing, out w frnds and even travel or holidaying depends...it's very useful and i jus love the different styles for different purposes.....i won't leave without my bbags and also have lots of bbag accessories as well:love::love: