Has this happened to u? MC Speedy

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  1. Hey guys i was wondering has this happened to u; On my MC speedy the zipperl pull broke off? and now i cant find the piece. I am a good sister-in -law she asked me if she could borrow it. I said yes!! and then she comes back with that piece missing!!! She felt real bad and kept apologizing i forgave her... but now what do i do??? Advice please do i need to take her to URgent Care!!! Help :sad: :crybaby:
  2. bring it to your nearest LV boutique. I had a stud fall off of my audra months after I had it, so i stopped by the boutique next time I was in the area and showed them the bag and they just went to the back and got me a new bag. Usually if they have it in stock they will switch it for a new one
  3. I can go to any LV store the only thing close to me are the ones in Saks or Neiman Marcus . Can i go there or does it have to be an LV only store?
  4. I don't live in USA, but I think any LV boutique is fine... also I dunno about them just randomly exchanging a new bag for you, I would think that they only do that if it's within their 14 day exchange period, otherwise, they're going to try to repair that bag first :yes:
  5. I'd go to the boutique and see if they can fix it
  6. they will probably ship it somewhere to get it fixed unless ur bag is really new
  7. I think the right thing for your SIL to do is to offer to pay for the repairs by LV if it is indeed her fault. Otherwise I'm sure LV will take on the repairs at no fee.
  8. She must have been pretty rough with it as I've got a MC speedy as well and I am not gentle person, the zipper is still far from being ripped off. So sorry but I'm sure Lv at NEiman can do something about it...
  9. agreed.:yes:
  10. :wtf: zipper pulled broke? Totally have no idea how it can happend but as tPFers said, you may contact LV to help you repair it. Ooh don't lend your LV to other ppl, I've similiar nighmare after my friend borrowed my LV.
  11. How disappointing. I do hope LV will be able to fix it.