Has this happened to anyone's Neverfull???

  1. has anyone had any issues with the straps 'freying'? it looks like the red part of mine is wearing off a little and there are some small freys (on the part of the strap that goes on your shoulder).. I think I am going to take mine to LV tomorrow (since it is only 2 months old).. don't think this should be happening so soon...
    ps- didn't post pics.. because honestly.. you prob wouldn't even see it in the pics.. but it is bothering me....:sad:
  2. It hasn't happened to mine. Good luck. I hope they can help you out.
  3. oh no! I hope they fix that for you
  4. ive_flipped- how long have you had yours? do you use it often? I hope they don't look at me like I have 2 heads when I go there... will keep you posted on the outcome! thanks for you imput!

    halona> oh no! I hope they fix that for you

    halona- thanks.. I hope so too:confused1:

    anyone else with some imput.. would really appreciate... thanks a bunch:heart:
  5. Yes, take it in. Maybe they will exchange it out for you.
  6. Oh no, I've had my GM since they first came out and have been using it as my laptop tote everyday for work and it's still fine ... hope you get it fixed!
  7. that's horrible, i would be alarmed too. definately take it to LV - that should not be happening. i hope the boutique can help you out. keep us posted.
  8. I would take it back too, that shouldn't have happened!
  9. My sisin law had it since July. She uses it as a diaper bag. Its fraying at the top part too. Looks bad to me. But she abuses the bag so i guess it normal..
  10. dont have a problem with mine..had it since july..been carrying massive amount of rubbish in it .. still looks fine ;) hope they fix it for you!
  11. I've had mine since summer too & mine looks fine- they should fix yours!
    Let us know how it goes!

    okay.. went to LV today.. spoke with the manager (who actually sold me the bag).. and he said it is normal.. just from wear and tear... he said he 'could' send it in to be re-glazed but it is just going to happen again... I told him about how my friends (you guys) bags are fine (and they are older than mine) and he had no explanation except it will eventually happen to yours too ..and he said that reglazing will weaken the straps because of the heat (not sure I believe that) so I left feeling a bit dissappointed... should I call the 866# and see if they say the same thing?
  13. called 866# and the woman told me that she would need to speak to the manager that I spoke with in order to assess the situation. I felt bad because I don't want to get the manager in trouble (Lord knows I want to shop there again)-- but I just want my strap fixed (without comprimising the strength of the handle)... she said she would call back within 24 hours.. will keep you posted....
  14. they should replace the straps for u. it should not break down so soon. i think that they should do this. its suppose to be quality right? i would ask for a replacement or new straps.
  15. Okay here is the final outcome... Chavanne from 866 called me back after having a conference call with the sales manager that I dealt with yesterday... she said if I get the handles reglazed it will not comprimise the strength of my handles (which is what the manager was telling me would happen yesterday when I was there).. she said this will only happen if I repeatedly get the handles reglazed.... I am not being neurotic.. I have only had the bag for less than 2 months... and they are saying this is cosmetic and will happen with wear and tear... it cannot be... it has to be a fluke to be happening so soon... and that is why I am insisting on getting it 'fixed' ...well... luckily they are going to reglaze my handles (for free).. I am bringing it in saturday morning... the only bad thing is I could be without my bag for 2 months +:crybaby:... but in the end I think it will be worth it. as always, thanks for all your help & imput :tpfrox: