Has this happened to anyone's neverfull **UPDATE**

  1. Just wanted to update everyone on my 'fraying' neverfull handles... I brought it in to be reglazed.. got the call yesterday it was ready.. went today to pick it up today (took 7 weeks for it to come back)... and I GOT NEW HANDLES:yahoo:... not sure what happened.. and I know it is my handbag (date code)... but the handles were brand new (in plastic wrap and all). A happy ending to my story... let's hope these handles hold up better :s.
  2. Aw, Congrats!

    I love new VIRGIN vachetta!
  3. Glad the saw what the problem was and fixed it for you.
    Should not have happened to your bag, unfortunately you were without her for all those weeks
  4. Any chance you had pics of the handles before you sent it in? I have the same bag, so I need to look out for the same problem.....
  5. Glad to hear you got her back! 7 weeks sounds like a loooong time! :sweatdrop:
  6. Yes... it's certainly about time to get her back! Too bad they didn't just give you a new bag right off the bat, sounds like that might have been easier for you and the store?
    Happy ending!!
  7. Thats wonderful. I guess you could say it was worth the wait. Glad your baby is back home!
  8. great to hear!
  9. my neverfull handles haven't frayed but the red gluey kind of stuff that keeps the edges of the leather together has faded a lot so I bet this will start to happen to my bag soon. :tdown: I use it for school and I don't baby it at all though maybe that's why. :shame:
  10. that's terrific! i'm so glad that you resolved your situation and thanks for keeping us updated.
  11. glad u e happy with the end results...BUT 7 weeks without my bags will be torture:sweatdrop::hysteric:
  12. Ohh thats great. I'm very glad it worked out for the best
  13. I'm glad they were able to help you and you have your bag back!
  14. Hi Travelbliss- I tried to take a pic.. but it wouldn't come out...too blurry.. sorry... what was happening was the red 'stuff' was coming off and the leather was fraying (sort of hairy-like).. it wasn't really that bad.. but I only used the bag for 2 months.. and I really didn't think this was normal...

    Hi sparklemint- getting a new bag wasn't even an option... they told me this was normal wear and tear (I even called 866# to fight the issue)... it seems I was 'lucky' they were fixing it for free:confused1:

    EVERYONE- thanks so much for your kind words... I am SO happy to have my baby back.. I really missed her, 7 weeks was VERY long... have to move all my stuff out of my noe and start to use her again :smile:
  15. Yay, if you don't mind me asking, did you have to pay for the repair?