Has this happened to anyone?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Just wondering what everyone thinks of this? I called the local LV shop here to see if they had a damier papillon 26 in stock and if they could check it to see if it had the Made in France label in it, and if so, I would swing buy to buy it after lunch. She told me that they could not check on that as they were all authentic. I was not suggesting anything in the LV shop was not authentic but as this is a gift for someone who is set on that Made in France label, I wanted to be sure it had that in the purse. Is this normal? Should I not have asked? Does that offend them? But you would think LV salespeople would know how particular customers are. I will probably order it through their 800 number now actually every purse that I have gotten through the 800 # has had the Made in France tag. I just really wanted to buy it today. Just wanted feedback to see if I am being sensitive or if she was being unfriendly/unhelpful. Has anyone experienced this?

    Thanks so much!
  2. I might have a similar story like that happened to me. I bought my 2nd LV few years back and I believe it was LV mono bucket. The SA showed me the display and looked at the heatstamp says "Made in France", so I say, "ok, I'll take it". He went inside to get a new one, and brought back a bucket that says, "Made in USA", so I said, umm.. can I pls have the one with "made in france" , he said sure and will check in the back, he was about to go inside, when one beyatch SA, interrupted and said something like... oh.. LV has materials from France, just manufactured in US..yadiyadiyada..(seems like they're hoarding those bags that has Made in France and would give out those that are Made in USA first,.. geesh). but I was FIRMED.. I was like "NOPE! I want the one that says, "Made in France" or else I won't buy at all... :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Of course, I got the one I wanted... :hrmm::lol: I don't understand why that SA did that though. When a customer prefers something, they should at least try to accomodate or at least call other stores to find out if they don't have.
  3. Yes, I don't understand that at all. Over the summer when I was buying a wallet, I looked inside to see where it was made (France, Spain, US) and the SA snapped "It's real." Well obviousy if I'm buying from the boutique, it BETTER be real. Unfortunately some items are not made in France and we have no choice. Anyway, I don't like their attitude so now I try to stick to one SA.
  4. My thoughts exactly!! Do they work on commission? Maybe they don't and they don't care? But even for good store PR there is a way to say OK, I will check for you. I am trying not to be sensitive but it really bothered me. And as I said, the ones I buy from the 800 # have all had the French tag and those people are the NICEST. they will talk to you for hours about the bags, no pressure, tell you what they think about the one you are considering and what you plan to use it for and if it is a good fit. I.E one salesperson discouraged me from the wallet with the nomade material as I said I wanted it to be my everyday wallet and he said the leather was just too fragile, would require lots of upkeep, etc. and we settled on epi because of the durability. Well, I could go on but I have always been so impressed with the sales staff at the 800# that this lady really surprised me. There is just a diplomatic way of handling customers that want to buy from you and she did not have it!
  5. ^^^^^

    LV SA's don't work on comission. It's not that they don't care, I don't think most of them really see the point in someone caring if it's made in France, Spain, USA, Italy, USA, or Germany.

    Ask to speak to another SA next time, or ask to speak to the manager and ask them if they can check to see if there is a Papillon that's made in France, since the other SA didn't check. :tup:
  6. They should check for you! I would call another store and ask!
  7. You know what helps in that situation? Being older. It's like it gives you some sort of authority to ask for what you want and get it. Strange but true ...
  8. I feel the same way about buying only 'Made In France' LV's. Would you buy a Swiss watch made in Japan or a Mercedes made in Spain? Not me. If the SA can't get a Made In France item, try another store/SA or 800-vuitton.
  9. So - do Parisian people make better bags? I think they all have the exact same quality control.
  10. I guess.. it's more on your own preferences.. just like the other poster said, some customers are particular and picky. Like for me, I just feel more satisfied and happy if it says "Made in France", sounds shallow...but it's true:lol:

    My first LV, wallet was made in USA... haven't used it much.. coz I'm not too happy with it... haha
  11. So true. When you're young and shopping alone, (older) SAs are very judgmental, especially if you don't dress well, and only after a few times of shopping do they recognize you. The first two times I went into LV, the two SAs who served me each time always had this air of arrogance, so it's kinda sad that I was forced to display an "extroverted air of confidence."
    I too prefer Made in France items, and with the first SA, she said basically the same thing that they're an official boutique and that they don't sell fakes. Also, I'm really picky about symmetry too, and she repeated the same thing again. Yet, what annoyed me the MOST was that my ex was on HER side... what an a$$ lol So ya, I understand you, the customer should be able to choose whichever bag s/he wants and have whatever request they have fulfilled within reason.
    That's why I like my current SA. The moment she served me, she gave me the sweetest smile. She was so cute and patient. It really makes shopping much more pleasant when you feel comfortable with the people around you, like now, I can say really stoopid things around my SA without feeling like a fool lol.

  12. I'm not suggesting that the item is inferior in any way if it isn't a 'Made In France' LV. Its just understandable to want ANY item to be manufactured in the same country the corporation is headquartered.
  13. ^
    Which is hardly ever the case anymore?

  14. Exactly. That why 'Made in France' for a french company like LV is preferred by some of us.
  15. Exactly how I feel...we are paying for a purse Made in France. I really honestly do not think the factories could be run identically in different countries. It matters! That it is made there I mean!