Has this happened to anyone using Applegarde (or other brands)?

  1. I have used Applegarde Rain and Stain Repellent all the time, no problems. I got a new wallet today, tested out Applegarde on a small area, looked ok, so I sprayed the whole wallet. When it dried, several dark spots appeared. Anyone have any suggestions?


  2. I think I remember reading another scenario like this except on LV handles. It did dry...you might want to do a board search. Good luck!
  3. I did a search before I posted, and didn't find anything. And I can't find that LV one either, guess I'm not using the right terms. :confused1:
  4. I think I also remember someone having a problem with a leather treatment (I don't remember which brand). The point of their crisis is that an SA gave her a new bag (was it Kooba?....I just can't remember, sorry). So sorry this happened to you. Is it any better today? Maybe it is just taking longer to dry in those areas????
  5. The outside looks better, inside is still about the same. Next time, I think I'll try a wipe on method rather than spray.
  6. I tried just now as well. It may have been Shining Monkey the person used...:confused1: Sorry I can't be of more help!
  7. So sorry that happened to you!

    I have never used A.G. before, so I don't know! I use Shining Monkey on every handbag I have (cloth or leather)...Even use it on my shoes!
  8. was that spot oversaturated? is it a cheap leather, something that may not be even in its leather?
  9. I think it is good leather, but that spot was probably over-saturated. The outside looks a lot better now, barely noticeable.