Has this happened to anyone? Loose thread on Dior quilting.

  1. Hello,
    Noticed a loose thread on the Lady Dior WOC in grained calfskin. It does not appear to affect the integrity of the surrounding stitches but concerned it could get worse. Any advice?
    Thanks so much. IMG_1507831749.950834.jpg IMG_1507831771.970856.jpg
  2. Yeah mine have this. But I don't really care tbh. It's not like anyone's gonna see it :biggrin:
  3. but do you think it could cause further issues with the quilting or damage to the purse?
  4. I genuinely dont think so. When I examined mine closely, it wasn't the case that the whole stitch came off. It was just a little thread hanging out (if you know what I mean). If it bothers you, just bring it to your store and ask.
    It doesn't bother me personally
  5. This happens from time to time with stitching. I just snip the frayed end with a fine pair of scissors and it looks perfect again. No problems with the thread after that.
  6. Phew! Quite relieved. Initially thought I would need to take it back to the boutique
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  7. The local Leather Goods Manager told me once that these loose ends allow for movement and stretching. Then the thread will not snap if under pressure because there is some slack.
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  8. It depends on how the thread frays. If the whole thread is frayed or snapped, then I try to tuck it in to the whole where it was supposed to go with a needle (I essentially use the fine tip of the needle to reinsert the frayed end into the hole). But from the looks of the thread in the picture above, snipping it won't affect it much since the rest of the thread isn't compromised.

    The thread is not that elastic anyway. If there is severe stretching of the leather, then the frayed ends may allow for movement, but at that point, there is other damage to worry about.
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  9. Does this then generally mean that the frayed ends are intentional rather than a quality issue?
  10. No, they are neither usually. If a fray develops over time, it is from normal wear and tear and isn't a quality issue. If the frayed ends are just loose threads they forgot to snip (and are there when the bag is brand new at the boutique), then it is a quality issue because whoever inspected the bag after production didn't cut the threads.

    Fraying happens to threads when they are rubbed. Some brands wax their threads to prevent this from happening. Makes the thread less prone to fraying.
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  11. Mine was bought over the phone and sent directly from the boutique. It was not a display and was untouched brand new. I noticed the fray when it arrived. Guess then it is a quality issue. Should I consider taking it back to the boutique? Or just ignore it if the integrity of the rest if the stitch does not appear to be affected.
  12. Then this is a quality issue.

    You can still snip it off. That's what I would do. It is an easy fix.
  13. Thanks so much. Just out of curiosity, does this happen to all the cannage leather stitching of the LD styles including the classic LD in lambskin?
  14. Some people never experience this. Others do sometimes. I think it depends on how the bag is worn, and also how it was produced.

    This is not a major concern. You don't see lots of pre-owned Cannage bags with this problem, nor reports of this on TPF all the time.
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