Has this happened to anyone else?

  1. Okay I just won a LV wallet off of ebay. Well the seller sent it priority mail on the 9th. I checked the tracking, and it says it was delivered today at 1:14. I was here all day and no package came. I was even here when the mail came and she didn't ring the doorbell to drop off a package. I looked at a couple of houses around me and nothing. It was insured, but if it says its delivered will they still refund the money. I am sad because I really wanted this wallet. It was a beautiful white MC Porte-Monnaie Billets Viennois.
  2. That happened to me once and it was actually delivered the next day. I guess my mail carrier jumped the gun on notification.
  3. Wow...that would freak me out a little, too. I agree, if you have not seen anything by Monday, I would contact the post office and the seller to try to get to the bottom of it!
  4. USPS tracking can be a little weird, I once bought something off eBay that was sent via priority mail. According to usps.com it was delivered, but it didn't actually get delivered until the next day. Unfortunately, post office tracking doesn't show the status/progress of the package (unlike UPS or FedEx tracking systems). I'm sure your wallet will show up, if you don't get something tomorrow, file a complaint with your local post office.
  5. That happened to me once through UPS...it was sent from a company and the online tracking said that it was delivered. I called UPS and told them that it was marked as delivered but that I had not gotten it so they said that they would send the driver out to retrace his steps. The next day I had seen a box on this addresses porch (same street number as mine, different street) and it had been sitting there for a day already so I went up, looked at the label and sure enough it was mine. We lived on a culdesac street that ran off the street that it was delivered to...honest mistake I suppose. I am sure that your package will turn up, and that is good that you had it insured.