has this happend to you !! :(

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  1. hey guys!!! oki sooo back in june i decided to buy the NF GM in mono for my bday...i wanted it for the longest time...BUUUTTT latley i feel leik i have kinda fallen out of love with it..i dnt really use it as often..it is a big bag also so im thinking maybe thats the reaons? but i love big bags :s i dnt know what to do..i love the speedy in damier ebene ..should i try and sell my NF? has htis ever happend to you ? what would you do ? TIA
  2. I would try to use it this week and see how you feel! Maybe you'll fall in love with it again! Otherwise, I'd probably sell it to get the Speedy. You can't go wrong with a Speedy:biggrin:
  3. If you can afford to do it I would keep it and then get what you really want to use as an everyday bag. I love my NF when I am traveling or even just taking a change of clothes somewhere. Lately I have been using it to take a pair of sweats to the football games.

    Good luck!
  4. ^^ i agree. the nf is a great bag and tho you may be a little bored with it now you might love it again later
  5. You are not alone! It happens to me sometimes too. I would suggest keeping it and then get the speedy (or whichever bag you want). If you don't use the NF for a while after you get the speedy, then you know you probably won't use the NF again. By that time, you can decide whether to sell the NF.

    When I am in the same situation, I would get the next bag I want and keep the other one for at least 6 months. If during this time, I never once thought of using the bag and it is sitting in the dust bag in the closet, then I know that I probably won't use it again. You want to be sure that's what you want before selling it. Sometimes you might change your mind in a couple of months.

    I have the NF GM, even though I don't use it often, it is pretty handy when I need a big tote!
  6. maybe you should try sprucing it up with a bandeau or cles/charm? You'll be surprised at how different you'll feel about the bag once you add a few accents to it :smile:
  7. I'd keep it. Great for travelling. I own two neverfulls MoNO and Ebene both MM love them to pieces. Since I live in Canada I use Ebene through the winter.
  8. Keep it, if you get rid of it to get something else 9 times out of 10 you're probably going to want it back. Look at at this way, since you already have it, if need calls for a larger bag for travel, work, etc., you'll have yours!:yes:

  9. I agree! The NF is a great knock-around bag. That's what I use mine for. =]
  10. i agree with everyone else, get the speedy, and put the NF up for a while. I think you will start missing it in a little while :smile:
  11. Use it for a week straight, and look at it from time to time. Trust me, you'll fall back in love.
  12. guys!!!! thank you so much for your input..i already feel better..i still of course love this bag..i just have a habit of switching things up all the time thats why i think i feel liek this..especially cuz im in school i dnt use it as often and i certainly dnt liek using it for school all the time..but yes i will give it a shot..i still want the speedy and eva..those two are on my list but..another thing i want to know is fi you guys use ur nf all the time?
  13. NF is a perfect beach bag! Don't sell her!
  14. I stopped using my NF for about three months last year. Then one day, it happened to be perfect for whatever I was doing or wearing that day (can't remember) and now it's one of my favorites again. For me, it's just a perfect casual tote, especially great in the summer. : )
  15. i just got back from a trip and used my NF GM for toting around stuff i'd normally carry in my speedy in addition to stuff like water bottles, jacket, documents, etc. my speedy gets a lot more wear on a regular basis, but the NF was the perfect size for everything i needed to carry around...not to mention, i had both hands free. it's really a matter of what your need is on any given day and what all you know you will need to carry around. long story short, i'm really glad that i have it in addition to my speedy :smile: