Has this forum raised your handbag standards?

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  1. I'll admit it: Since joining this forum, my handbag standards have been raised significantly. There were a few bags in my closet that no longer measured up, so I got rid of them...

    I had a cognac colored Furla but after all of the Hermes Birkin talk, I could no longer look at it because it reminded me of a wannabe-Birkin.

    I had a black Lancel Paris handbag because that I just sold because it reminds me of an LV Epi-leather Alma. I don't want to be reminded of LV, I want the real thing.:amuse:

    They just didn't appeal to me anymore. :shame: Am I the only one cleaning out my closet?:lol:
  2. I actually still like all my purses. Just getting motivated to get rid of the ones I NEVER use, like an old Coach that looks absolutely new, a BCBG signature hobo that I don't use, and a vintage IF that could probably find someone who'd love it.

    But I don't feel like I need to buy more "expensive" purses--it just sometimes makes me WANT more :P
  3. No....I still like my old bags. I have some inexpensive totes I still like them. The DB checkbook wallet my mom got me when I was in Jr high I will never gonna toss that way!!
  4. Hmm...maybe I just wasn't that in love with them to begin with. :biggrin:
  5. The forum has made me more aware of other designers. I thought Coach, D&B, Burberry and LV were pretty much it when it came to bags. I feel the PF has broadened my horizons, though most of the bags I am liking are more expensive :shame: Still, if I saw a less expensive bag that I really liked, I'd buy it.
  6. but I do think people's taste change over time....however if I see a cute cheap bag I like I will still want to buy it, just because it's cute!
  7. Its remained the same for me :biggrin: Although it has influenced me to look at some bags that never appealed to me before.
  8. I had pretty high standards to begin with but that didn't mean I didn't like lower end bags also. I haven't thrown anything out since joining and don't plan to. I've just enjoyed sharing my love of bags with others and meeting some really cool people.
  9. It has raised my standards, but most importantly it has raised my awarness of so many other designers. I was so stuck in my comfort zone of just buying Coach, now I have learned about so many great designers and instead of limiting myself to which bag I like best for 1 particular designer that I was familar with, this blog has taught me to appreciate the actual bag. The only bad thing, is it does to tend to have turned me into a bag snob, it must be a "name" doesn't have to be an over $1,000 bag, but it has to be a good brand and good quality.
  10. I agree. There are many less expensive bags that I really like, but if they remind me too much of a more expensive design, I find myself thinking more about that one, especially if the more expensive one is a better quality.
  11. It's raised my standards as far as not settling for bags with poor workmanship or that don't fit my style or my needs. It's made me much more aware of designers and what people like about certain bags as opposed to others. I still have some inexpensive bags that I like, but I've definitely "culled the herd" of the ones that were only so-so on my "love" scale.
  12. I still use most of my bags, both expensive and inexpensive. I've worked hard to buy them, and they all have special meaning to me. I definitely think that the topics discussed on the forum have raised my awareness of existing brands, but also makes me curious to learn about newer lines.
  13. Absolutley! Now I have fallen in love with LV!
  14. sorta, i've never wanted high-end bags so much...but i'm still going to get coach but not as much. only the really cute ones...holy moley has anyone seen the new pastel scribble line??ADORABLE. i def need one...like now, lol
  15. the board has taught me not to settle - i shouldn't end up with something i LIKE if there's something out there i LOVE and should save for, because ultimately it'll be worth it.

    i actually spend less money since coming here because i'm more careful of where it goes. when i see a cute, cheap dress that i like that's $100 that i might wear two or three times i think 'now wouldn't this $100 be better enjoyed if it was put towards a bag?' and i don't spend. who woulda thunk?