Has this forum changed your mind (for the better) about certain bags?


Nov 21, 2005
Before joining this forum, I hated the way Multicolor LV's looked...Now, after looking at them in different collections, I must admit...I love the way certain ones look now. The black MC LV's look great after the patina starts. And the whole patina thing...I have a whole new appreciation for it, thanks to this forum.

I never thought I'd consider spending over $1000.00 on a handbag, but the Chloe Silverado Satchel had me seriously thinking...And the style of the Balenciaga City bag is so me. I'm waiting for the "old leather" to come back.:lol:

Has anyone else's mind been changed (for the better) about certain bags?
This forum is dangerous for me because not only does it get me excited about new bags, it often makes me rethink bags I've already seen and ruled out!
valerieb said:
This forum is dangerous for me because not only does it get me excited about new bags, it often makes me rethink bags I've already seen and ruled out!

Very true for me too! And vice-a-versa, I think I'm in love with a bag and after careful scutinizing from the forum, I realize it's not the bag I thought I needed afterall!
Oh this place makes me change my mind almost daily! Before I started coming here I swore up and down i would never get a mono LV as they are A. too expensive and B. EVERYONE has one and they are mostly fake. Now after being here I have come to love the classic look of it and the Patina is so interesting to me. Now I just have to slow myself down and have some patience until I can afford one.
I've always said no to Mono LV because there are way too many fakes. After joining this forum, I now appreciate the classic look of LVs and the beautiful patina of the mono.
Each day it's a battle for me not to shop after being on here. You ladies are such a bad influence! LOL

But the comments about the Muse and seeing some clearer pictures in here has got me so in love with it.
Not really...I know what bags I like and want to buy and other people's posts do not change that. For example, Bbags, Koobas, tote-styles still don't do it for me. However, I still admire and appreciate other people's purchases and are happy for them :smile:
Yes...I can now understand what the fuss is all about LV. Before, the mono looked boring to me. Now I can see the classic qualities about it. Unfortunately, my wallet has changed (for the worse) as my appreciation for it grows. ;)
Kind of.. Yes and No.. I don't like b-bag at first and they grew on me.. BUT I'm really disappointed when I finally see the bags in person yesterday. It looks like a "plastic" bag, not leather..

So I think deep down you know what you really like.. When buying a bag.. you need to search deep down within your heart if you really LOVE it.. or it's just you WANT TO HAVE IT and sometimes ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE IT for only the sake of having it...
This forum has been very dangerous for me:nuts: Before finding this place, I would not have looked twice at a b-bag, and now- I want one in every color! And for the first time I am seriously debating getting myself on the Birkin waiting list (for a purchase later down the road):love: But seriously, this place has been an excellent resource!!!