Has this every happened to you?

  1. Okay, has this ever happened to any other member? You list an auction on the PF for authentification and minutes later BIN was used on the auction? If this happened once I would think it is a coicidence but every time an LV Speedy 25 auction is given the green light it gets snatched up! :Push: Maybe its those silent readers of the forum?
  2. :sad: Gosh sorry it happened to you,I reckon just post pic in future or pm pf member cos there're lots of lurkers around.:smile:
  3. No it hasn't...but I guess it's something you risk when you post anything like that on a forum where there are a zillion outward LV junkies and who knows how many in hiding LOL.
  4. OH man!! That s-cks!!!! Next time I agree with pm'ing a member to authenticate!! Good luck!
  5. I've always worried that would happen :cry: Maybe just save the ebay pics and them upload them on here for authentication?
  6. Not happened to me yet but there are instances where I see eBay links that other members have posted and I really want it but I don't do anything about it cause I know someone else is interested in it (plus another reason for me to save my $).
  7. That's not nice...I would never do that. In my eyes it belongs to a friend already.
  8. I havent had that happen to me. Everyone here is kind enough to give me input on authenticity and not bid.

    Im sorry it has happened to you.
  9. YES!!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!

    That used to happen to me ALL THE TIME! :mad: :censor:

    That's why I stopped listing it in thread. i started PM'ing members that I trust for advice.

    Once you put it on the forum anyone can look at it, even those who are not registered.

    I understand your pain. That happened to me many many times before i figured out what was going on.
  10. I know exactly how you feel! This happened to me a few days ago. I posted a Multicolor Speedy in the Authenticate This forum and just like you said- 20 mins later, it was bought with BIN!! I was soooo mad! What was worse was that I was in the middle of buying the same purse but PayPal is soooo confusing for me since I don't use ebay a lot and the buyer needed immediate payment, which means that anyone can buy it before you actual hit the pay now button, even though you've already hit the BIN button. And while I was figuring out how to use PayPal, someone snatched it!! I felt like my child had just been kidnapped :lol:

    But no worries because the same night, I found an even prettier MC speedy that had way more prettier pink colors than the one that I originally wanted! :love: So I'm actually kind of glad I missed out on the first one. And needless to say, I didn't post the one I bought in the Authenticate This forum until AFTER I committed to buy! :lol:

    Maybe next time, instead of posting the ebay link, you could post pictures from the auction? I have seen some girls do that to protect their auction...
  11. How rude!!! :rant:
  12. No matter how tempted I am, I would NEVER do that to another member. If they're asking us collectively for our advice, I'd be abusing my position as a member/advisor if I went ahead and bid. Not everyone is the same, though. I posted my link to the LV Partition and did a BIN on it and trust me, I raced as fast as I could after I got verification to buy it. :hrmm:

    I like the idea of PM'ing members. I'll have to remember that.
  13. That sucks...sorry that it happens to you..
  14. It IS possible that other members are also watching the same bag even before you post it in the Authenticate thread.
    I can't remember what I bought off ebay awhile back, but a fellow PFer told me that she had been bidding on the same thing. LOL.

    I always have Trouvilles and Almas on my watch list and I tend to be (I think) pretty good at weeding out the real ones now, so it's not uncommon that someone will post a link in the AT section that I already have on my watch list as the authentic ones are pretty limited and anyone on ebay is going to first weed though what's real and then the ones that are the best value.

    I currently am watching 17 things on ebay.
    I don't post the links because I don't need to anymore, as the girls here have schooled me on the dos and dont's.

    It would be nearly impossible to be the only one eyeing an auction, espceially for a common item like LV, and to post it here probably gets a lot more watchers. It's just a chance you take.

    It does suck, but ebay is a big competition to see who wins LOL.
    But I agree, if it's something that concerns you, you could always PM someone. I know some people have e-mailed me for my opinions without posting to the AT area.