Has this ever happenned to you...

  1. So my husband and I were spending some QUALITY time together. I was enjoying his affections, (cough cough) when my 7 year old walked in. Immediately my husband said, "Ok- hun, the chair should be fixed now" I walked my son back to his room and he began asking all sorts of questions like, "Why did you stop when I came in?" and "Why were you sitting on the chair if you were trying to fix it?" Hello- I AM MORTIFIED!!! What if he asks more questions tommorrow? How should we have handled this? My face is still red with embarrassment...
  2. I haven't had the walk in mortification, but a similar story...I will see if I can find it...might be too old.
  3. :biggrin: :roflmfao: :shame: I would never know what to do if I were in your shoes.
  4. Yeah, we've been caught 'hugging without any clothes on because it was really warm'.
  5. You cannot do a thing. Your kids are tainted for life. :smile:
  6. I still remember walking in on my Mom playing "Horsey" with my dad.:wtf:

    I was about five and I cried until she told me that they were just playing a game. Sometimes I think its best if you just play it off and not give them the full details. Then again, I'm not a child psychologist. All I know is that I'm glad they didn't tell me the truth then!
  7. I'm kind of paranoid and insist on doing 'it' under the covers especially in the mornings. We don't usually close the bedroom door, so I make sure the kid goes to bed good and early!
  8. ROFL.........Your kid is mamed for life...SO SORRY

  9. Haha, too funny. I never walked in on my parents. I think it was mainly because they were really strict (especially my dad) and we were NEVER supposed to come in their room without knocking. If the door was shut, we were not to even knock unless it was important. To this day, I knock before going in a room, even if the door is open.
  10. Lollll this is funny! I was with my boyfriend and my brother (who is only 3 years younger than me) almost walked in on us! I was freaked out lol!
  11. oh for the love of god.. i've walked in on my parents cuz of bad dreams.. but i've never questioned it cuz everything was always dark and i couldn't ever see anything.

    never been walked in on though (with any of my exes). lol. close though, when i was at his place and his friend came in very suddenly... we were just baaaaaarely taking clothes off. lol. luckily we were under the covers. haha.
  12. omg that would suck, I dont even know what I would say.

    hope it doesn't happen to me

    *knock on wood*
  13. I'm still waiting for this to happen (dreading it!)