Has this ever happened to your MC piece?

  1. I was looking at my MC white Pochette and how old it is and I looked at my datecode and its sooooo old that I can barely see it.Now I looked at it a couple of months ago and I could see it but now its hard to look at.Can I wipe something on it maybe to make it show like it did before?

    Is this comman when rasberry Alcantra lining gets old?:sad:
  2. Some date codes that are stamped on the alcantara lining do rub off after years of use so they're no longer visible. I've also seen a Sologne with no visible date code and some authentic preowned bags being sold with the same problem. However, there are also a couple of things to look out for if you're concerned about authenticity. In general, it's not only about the date code.. Guess this should not be a problem unless you're planning to resell in the future. :smile:
  3. Oh no its real I know that for sure cause I purchased it from elux.I just want it to be visible so if I do want to sell it.
  4. I have had a Black MC Audra for quite some time now and the datecode has definitely faded compared to they way it looked when I first bought it.

    I guess if the datecode is stamped on alacantra lining it fades in time? :shrugs: Not too sure.

    If you plan on selling that bag just mention to the buyers that the datecode is faded and try to take the best picture of it as you can.
  5. Guess what I figured it out,lol.I was looking in the wrong place for one thing cause I hadn't looked in sooooo long then I realized that I was seeing the what looks like the threading outline or whatever you call it and seen it.My Pochette is in the Pochette thread in the clubhouse so it shows how much I have carried it.

    I'm at ease I really want to be able to show the date code if I do sell it in the future.If I still had my black Speedy 30 I would really freak out if I couldn't see the date code.
  6. I'm glad you found it!
    Sometimes on the bags with that lining, the code will get rubbed away because the nap of the alcantra will get pulled up with use. This happens a lot on the CB bags as well. :yes:
  7. Alcantara is known to do that. One bag that I've seen this happen to a lot is the cherry blossom Papillon...it seems that the seller, no matter how good of a camera or how good of skills he/she has, he/she can never seem to capture the date code because it's in such an awkward spot and the alcantara kind of makes it hard for one to see the date code.
  8. I noticed that even with my other MC pieces I have and they aren't old like my Pochette.

    Geez I didn't know CB paps were capable of doing that.
  9. my black MC mini HL bag's datecode is not visible either... i think it has faded
  10. I stood right under the light and I had a flash light as well.I was looking in the wrong place too so just keep looking!