Has this ever happened to your cadena?

  1. My screw lock heart cadena fell off its hook! I fortunately heard it go, looked down and gasped!

    I picked it up, unhooked the hook from the loop on my bag, and studied it. It appears the hooks (that metal loop that holds them on) comes out! Unless mine is flawed...except it's working fine again.

    I always wondered how Hermes got that piece to swivel. My other side of the loop has a notch around 3/4s of the loop bottom. It kind of screws or twists firmly into place, then I screwed the screw part of the cadena loop over my purse loop (too many loops - I'm getting loopy just trying to describe this!!) and it is solid and works just like normal! I've been pulling like crazy on it to make it come apart, but no go.

    Now, of course, I'm a bit paranoid about this cadena and now perhaps all the screw cadenas...

    Has anyone had this experience, or knows anything about the inner working sof the screw cadena??

    (First place for the craziest text on a post this hour!! :upsidedown: )
  2. Katel, I'm sorry you had a cadena scare. These little charms are so pretty and decorate the bags so nicely....I, too, have almost lost one although not quite the same way you did.

    I still feel Hermes really hasn't gotten it *right* with these "screwy" cadenas:wacko: Granted, I like the motifs, very much! The heart is a favorite....but I find it difficult to turn the ScrewPieceThing and forget everytime which way it goes....left or right?

    I stand it on it's head ( easier than standing on my own head ) and it seemes easy to twist/turn when I do that. But, sometimes the screw cadenas just won't co operate no matter what I do. BUT, I like the motifs, sooooo :shrugs:But, like you, I'm always afraid I don't have mine tight enough and that I might lose it.

    On the other hand, there are the spring types....like the Lyre or the little Lion. I love these too, but, they are hard to pull back and if you're putting them on your twist key on the front of your bag you kind of have to hurry, open the spring and get it on there F-A-S-T before the darn spring snaps back again.

    Ooooh, the inconveniences of life:smash: with Hermes:p . I wish they would make them open and close a little easier.
  3. Thanks, isus, for your feedback. I've had the same wonderment when trying to screw it shut.

    But today, this puppy came COMPLETELY off its hook! The oval half-circle hook separated from the heart!

    The non-screw end piece has a notch, and it twisted back securely in place, but I'm going to see if my other screw cadenas do that. It seems that each time it gets screwed (sorry! :blush: ) it has the chance of loosening the other end of the loop.

    Has anyone else's separated from the loop entirely??

  4. Katel, thanks for the heads up. Glad you discovered the issue before it got lost. I also have the heart cadena and haven't used it yet, but I will be vigilant. One needs to be so careful with these little treasures. My snowman charm fell off my bag in Barney's Beverly Hills, never to be seen again.
  5. I had my Kelly watch come unscrewed while wearing it! Fortunately I noticed it while in my car and as able to fix it. I wasn't too happy about it needless to say.

    Katel, if possible, I would take your cadena back to the boutique. If you purchased it privately, they would still have to honor repair of the product. You could always say that you received it as a gift.
  6. Thanks, mizzle, gracekelly. But I don't think it's broken as it's secure as ever now - I think this is the way they're made. I'm kind of in shock!

    When I unscrew the screw side, and move the other side around and around, it loosens! I'm chicken to try my other screw on cadenas, but that's next.

    That's why I posted...I think there may be an inherent danger in not screwing in hard the cadena (I like to leave mine loose) - it could loosen on both sides and ~whoops~!

    I wondered if this had happened to anyone else?
  7. Katel, so far I've been lucky and it hasn't happened to me with my screw-type cadenas (I'm not yet lucky enough to have the heart one), but I appreciate knowing that this could happen and to make sure I screw it down fairly tight . . . I'm so glad that you noticed when it fell off and didn't lose it!
  8. Wow, scarry! Glad you didn't lose it.
  9. OK, it's official - these don't unscrew on the other side by themselves - I just tried to unscrew two others.

    Mine is defective! WAAHHH! :confused1:

    Sorry to spook anyone - yes, they can come unscrewed, but not on the non-screw side.
  10. Rule of thumb: righty, tighty; lefty, loosey. Or did I just confuse everyone further????

    Anyway, the twisty thing came off a cadena once. Luckily, it came from the boutique and they replaced it. Another reason I go to the boutique, no questions asked because they know you already.

    Same thing happened with my Bose headphones. They cracked and when I went back to the store to buy a new pair, they gave me a new pair, no questions asked or receipt needed. They knew I bought them at the boutique, even if it had been three years ago.
  11. ^^So true...but this was a cadena not sold in the boutiques any longer. Fortunately, I bought it from a trusted reseller, so I don't anticipate any problems.
  12. I wonder why they don't make the cadenas with the springy thing (like the Pegasus one) vs. the twisty thing. I think my Pegasus one is less likely to fall off since its closure is a spring.