Has this ever happened to you?

  1. Last week I got a notice that my eBay fees were due. Well a few months back I set them up on automatic payments. So I thought it was weird, but went to pay them anyway. When I get to the pay section, it says I will be double paying if I do a payment since it is set up on automatic. So I didn't pay. Then yesterday I get a notice saying my account was on hold until I paid my eBay fees! :confused1: So I go back to the seller account page, pay them direct from my Paypal funds. Today I get ANOTHER notice from eBay saying my eBay fees are past due, that my account was on hold, etc. WTF? I sent eBay an email - - - hopefully they get it figured out before they shut me off. Has this happened to anyone? I even got a notice last night from eBay saying they accepted my Paypal payment!!!!!!!:hysteric:
  2. Was the emails really from ebay? Did they address you by your full name and where they in your ebay message box on ebay or did they just come in on a email and are not showing in your message box. They could be fake emails
  3. They were on my eBay in-box.
  4. Most strange, I have the bill come in but never do anything with it as like you are set up for automatic payment, I know once when I first started on ebay I did end up paying twice for my listing fees as thought perhaps the automatic bit was not working so paid. It did not matter though as come of following months bill.

    Would Live help, help you perhaps you could also try phoneing them
  5. I just checked my eBay balance and it shows I owe $2 since I had an item sell this morning. Definately strange. Maybe their email system isn't updated yet???????