Has this ever happened to you?

  1. A girl here at work (a bit younger/lower on the totem pole than me and she just started) has, I swear, been copying my clothes! She's complimented things I was wearing a couple of times so I'm pretty sure it's not just in my head.

    I wore a tweed jacket over a dress ---> a couple days later she wore a tweed jacket over a dress.

    Yesterday I wore a pink sweater and black skirt with black tights and shoes ---> today she's wearing a pink sweater and black skirt with black tights and shoes!

    Either that or we just have very similar style :smile:

    It's odd!
  2. Yes, this has happened to me, too. :yes:

    Take it as a compliment. :biggrin:
  3. I would def. take it as a compliment. She likes your style. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. You must be stunning!!
  4. She may be looking for advice for how to dress, and instead of asking is just copying. She might not be sure how professionally she has to dress, so she has found someone attractive and successful (YOU!) to imitate. I, too, would take it as a compliment.
  5. ^ Good point. :yes:

    She may be too shy to ask.
  6. Oh, I do :yes: I actually really like her.

    Now that I think back, I did the same to a certain degree when I started, with the girl who was a few years older than me and sort of my mentor. I saw her in head-to-toe black, thought she looked chic, did the same. Saw her wearing cool ankle boots instead of pumps to work so she could run around more easily, did the same. Etc.

    I guess it's getting passed down through the generations :lol:
  7. I agree :yes:
  8. this has happened to me, at first i get a little bit annoyed about it but then i feel flattered.
  9. It is pretty common advice in articles for young people interested in getting ahead in their careers - dress like the people a rung or two above you on the ladder!
  10. Yea, this happened to me. My bf's sister.. It's actually annoying! :yucky:
  11. This has happened!! Its not as bad i think when its at work, as when one of your close friends start doing this. I swear I COULDN't Go shopping with this girl! It was dreadfully annoying! UGH GOOD LUCK!!
  12. OMGOMGOMG!!!! i absolutely hate it when that happens. i was one of the first persons in college to wear a tee-shirt, waistcoat, skinny jeans and black pointy kenzo shoes, with a bomber jacket over it all, and the following day, this other guy copies the exact same thing! darn it! i've had enough with style stealers. i just feel like chopping the guy up! grr!!!!!

    and recently, i started on my light self tanning sessions again, and guess what?-> idiot has to copy me and bought a bottle of self tan too. ARGH!
  13. its so tempting when this happens to dress like a complete idiot just for the one day and see if they take the bait!! anybody that knows you well will know what you are up to, but the newbee may well not ;)

    mean, but it sure would be funny :biggrin:

    my nice side, though, like many others thinks that she is looking for guidance in what is suitable in a new company, so I would cut her some slack, but if she asks where you bought something particular, I would say, oh this, I have had it ages!!
  14. I think its really annoying when someone copies your style.
  15. 1- it's a compliment
    2- it's seeing fasion in a wearable way
    3- it's knowing office appropriateness while still being fashionable