Has this ever happened to you?

  1. So I was shopping in my local Coach boutique a few days ago. I had on my Khaki/white signature Ali bag and a woman came up to me and offered me $600 for my beloved Ali bag! I was flabbergasted. First of all to be offered money for a bag and secondly bacause it was for more than the bag retailed for. I have barely used this bag and it was so hard to get and I love the darn thing! So I said sorry its not for sale. Has this ever happened to any of you?
    coach ali.JPG
  2. Wow. That is so strange! That would have made me very uncomfortable (but flattered, too, I guess).
  3. No, it's never happened to me. But if the price was right....... SOLD!:lol:
  4. I was flattered but totally uncomfortable. hehe
  5. She is gorgeous, I wouldn't have sold her either.
  6. I wish :rolleyes: I would probably take most of my bags right off my shoulder :roflmfao: Okay, maybe not.. but if the price is right.. :graucho:
  7. That is so weird! It's one thing to compliment someone, it's a whole other to put a price tag on how much you like their bag! She probably could have asked where you got it and then asked that if you ever were looking to sell it, to contact her and give you her info (email address is the best). That was very forward of her, to say the least!
  8. My fiance told me if he was there he would have taken her off my shoulder and sold it to her... I hope he was joking!
  9. lol! Sounds like something my dh would say!
  10. I never had someone offer me money for a bag but a lady in Yankee Candle told me that she wanted to jump me for my bag. lol
  11. Ahhh! That is crazy. I would ask for security to walk me to my car heehee.
  12. It's never happened to me yet but I guess I'd be pretty suspicious about why someone would offer that much beyond what the purse originally cost....but then I'm suspicious of anyone who gets too close to my Coach! *LOL* Unless the person was Japanese or Chinese because I just got back from Taiwan recently (visiting my family) and noticed that their Coach items (from authentic Coach Boutiques) costs 3X the amount they sell for out in the U.S.!!! I flipped out when I saw their prices! And there were people buying them at those crazy prices (my cousins were some of those buyers! *LOL*)! I think that's why you see so many Asians at the Coach Boutiques and Outlets!
  13. thats so funny! she had probably been looking for that bag everywhere and couldnt find it or something like that. wonder if shes on this forum? haha!
  14. That would be pretty funny if she is on this forum. She told me she had been looking for the bag for a very long time, so I guess some people will pay anything for what they want.
  15. No . . . but that just confirms how wonderfully :heart: desireable :heart: Ali is!!!!! And, the price of love is far above a few rubies!!!