Has this ever happened to you?

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  1. okay, here is the scenario, I called a Saks LV and ordered the multicolor speedy and finally it came, I was so excited to open my package and what did I find, not the MC speedy but another bag ( a monogram manhattan PM) I was so pissed, what do I do now? Please help.
  2. take/send it back ... ?
  3. call and complain and have them replace it.
  4. Send it back
  5. what does it say was purchased on the bill?
    I would call and let them know your issue and ask them how they will like this handled.
  6. OMG Call then ASAP! :blink:
  7. Call them? Demand free return shipping and for them to refund your shipping fee and demand overnight shipment.
  8. Yes...call them. If it's not convenient for you to return in person the store should pay to ship the bag back. Then they should overnight the correct one to you!
  9. On the receipt I was charged the MC speedy price, this has never happened to me before, so I wasn't sure what to do. I called the SA that sold it to me and she insists that she sent the speedy, unless the manhattan PM is the new MC speedy then I didn't get what I wanted. She was kind of rude too, when I told her what had happened.
  10. So what will you do now?
  11. I'm really not sure, this is just so wrong. I am going to call somebody that will rectify this. I can't be stuck with a purse I didn't order and paid for. This is just bad, I hate having to deal with rude SA's.
  12. Can you speak to the manager? How far away from the store are you?
  13. I'm an hour away from Saks LV but our Saks doesn't carry LV, the whole reason why I had to order from a different saks.
  14. If Saks LV doens't rectify...I wonder if you can dispute this with your credit card company?
  15. I guess that would be another option, I just hate to do all this work for something that they did. I still havent called back, the SA said that she will call me back with whatever they decide. They need to take this bag back and I'm not so sure that I want to deal with them again so I will insist on giving me a refund instead.