Has This Ever Happened to You?

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  1. i've been vascillating back and forth about a legacy shoulder bag forever...so, i finally decided to get one...i had seen many irl and didn't buy them...so, tonite i went to the coach store near me and they don't carry legacy anymore!!! only two stores in MA carry legacy and they don't have any of the shoulderbags!!!! so, my SA said that she'd order one for me...great...i ordered it in pond, but, then she said "well, we put it in the system and they're searching for one now, we'll let you know if we find one" this was AFTER i paid for it!!! so, i told her i'd take it in black if they don't have it in pond but now i'm SO irritated that i didn't get it when they were all over the place!!! arrggghhh!!!!
  2. which store did you go to? You should go to the one in Copley, they have legacy. I am still thinking of the shoulder bag too. But I am going to give up since it is so expensive.

    BTW, I have found a lot of MA ladies in this board.
  3. the sa in burlington is doing a search for the bag...i'm looking for the s/b in pond...where are you in mass?
  4. I live in Braintree, I used to shop at Burlington a lot when I lived in Malden.

    Honestly, I won't settle for black if you really want the pond one. It is just me. But black is good, it will last forever and it can match a lot of things.

    Do you should at the Wrentham outlet?
  5. i don't get to wrentham too much; i live near concord and it's a real haul to get to wrentham...i'd prefer the pond, but i love the bag so much i'd get it in black...or i'm also wondering about the signature with the black...decisions decisions!!!
  6. searching for one and after you paid for it? :roflmfao:

    she needs to word her words better!

    what happened was she checked in Jax, and there is none.

    then she placed an order, and it'll search nearby coach stores, but if those coach stores just happened to have sold all their shoulder bags in pond during that time or it was a miss-inventory thing,

    then you'd get a refund

    and won't be able to get the bag

    i think she was just covering her ground, not wanting you to get pissed off later when she refunds you because they can't guarntee (sp) you'll get the bag
  7. arrgghh...are you saying that there are NO legacy shoulderbags in ANY colors???
    also, congratulations on being a cancer survivor...what a huge obstacle to overcome...
  8. thanks! they just gave me a card with all my info on it too...very handy :smile:

    i'm not saying there's no shoulder bags in any colors...but if she said they are doing a "search" and took your money, i'm sure it was a store found order versus one directly from jax.

    so if there's one out there, you'll get it!
  9. if they don't have one in pond, i'll take one in any color..even the signature!!!
    there's got to be one coach legacy shoulderbag in this country!!!!
  10. Hey, I just check on-line. They have it in pond. Maybe you can call Coach with the order number to see if they can change it for you.
  11. won't they be able to get it in pond if it's online in pond? i'm confused!!!
  12. my heart would have sank if i paid and then they said oh ok ill be searching for it now but thank you for paying....the wording was off and thanks ms whitney for that clairfication!
  13. Well, the Valley Fair store (Santa Clara, CA) has them in pond. I was just there.
  14. I was just at the Beverly Hills store and my husband tried to convince me to buy a Pond Legacy bag. I just can't. I have bought way to much this last month already.
  15. This has happened to me before... and my bag arrived safe and sound. :smile:

    No gurantees though!!

    The way it was explained to me, was that they didn't have any in the system, so they had to search the company and if one was found it would be charged to my card and shipped out. I watched my card for a few days after, about 2 days later the charge popped up and my bag arrived at the end of the week!!

    I think it just took a bit longer then a straight order... This is the hobo that I am now going to have to sell... :rolleyes: Oh... and don't lose hope on the pond... some people :whistle: may still be returning their NEW, unused, pond shoulder bags and just haven't gotten around to it...