has this ever happened to you: stranger checking your bag is real?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I haven't done a proper intro yat (I just jumped in a posted, didn't I? bad Miss Thing!) But I'm really into handbags, I just done own any modern high end bags, apart from one (no, two, I bought a YSL at an outlet in Florence! :flowers:). Most of my bags are high street, department store, or vintage.

    Anyhoo, yesterday I get out the Versace, an on the way home, this woman who walks opposite me in the underpass stares REALLY HARD at the medallion. it was noticesable because we were in opposite directions (in single file) and she was starting at it for as long as it was in her view. Kind of like HTF can you afford real Versace??!! Maybe her x-ray vision was trying to authenticate it?

    Does this happen to anyone else, strangers loking at you as if you can't afford what you're carrying?
  2. Sure she was not just so awestruck by its beauty, she could not take her eyes of it- happens to me sometimes, especially when I see a Birkin :love: passing by.:lol:
  3. It *has* happened to me a few times actually, but I think I mostly felt flattered. It is a compliment in a way after all!

    But I suppose it also depends on who it is, if it was a suspicious looking person who did it, I might get a bit nervous and think that they wanted to take it or something.
  4. I know I stare pretty hard at people's bags sometimes, but it's rarely to determine if it's a fake or because I'm doubting that person's ability to afford her bag. (Lord knows I don't dress to the nines but I carry me some 'spensive bags.)
    Usually it's more like "Oooh, nice bag! What is it? Is that Gucci? No, wait, can't be. Maybe it's . . ." yada yada yada, and the next thing I know she's giving me a dirty look because I've been STARING at her for so long. It's more likely admiration/jealousy/curiosity than anything *****y. :jammin: :supacool:
  5. Well, I haven't really noticed anybody staring at my bags per se, but one really snobby girl that I know asked me if my LV Speedy was real. She then proceded to tell me that hers was DEFINATELY real and she preferred it to any others because of the style. (I can't remember what it's called, but it's the knapsack-type.)

    Mine is most certainly real, as are all my other LVs, Marc Jacobs, etc. that I love and own. Sheeeesh! I just wrote her off as lacking social skills!
  6. Well to me no, I just carry my juicy couture, people don't look at those. But this happen to my mom last time when we were at her friends house. This lady said outloud how could my mom afford a coach bag?! I was like what the heck, it is none of your bussiness! I told her that my mom works 10 hours a day, and not like her who lived off the government! We never saw her again!
  7. I went to a car dealership with my husband, and the salesman came up to me and said, "I know what bag that is - it's Balenciaga." I was so annoyed! Like he was scoping out to see who might have money! We're still looking for a car, and now I make sure to take a very ordinary purse.
  8. I usually get alot of stares at my bags. I also get asked if it's real(this I wouldn't never do.) I, too, stare at people's bag either b/c they are gorgeous or I want to see if they are real, but I don't make it obvious.
  9. Maybe his wife is into bags and he knew was trying to show you that he knew bags?

    One of the sales techniques that I have noticed a lot of salesman using is that they try to find something that they can say that they have in common with you and keep on reinforcing that idea in hopes that you will feel a "bond" with them based upon that common interest.

    What is awful is that even though one of my undergrad degrees is in psychology and I can SEE what salespeople are doing, I am still very easily manipulated:cursing:
  10. naah, she wasn't looking at the bag but appeared to be zooming in (squinting a bit) at the logo.
  11. only once but it wasn't really like that either. i was walking around in oxford and this weird group of about 4 girls and a guy walked in the other direction and one of the girls asked really loudly "oh what brand is that?" and the guy said "it's louis vuitton but it's a FAKE" :wtf:

    it most certainly wasn't, it was a very much real monogram canvas papillon :wtf: :roflmfao:

    if they hadn't looked so drunk i might have confronted them :biggrin:
  12. Usually they check them out because they like them and compliment me on them. However I see them checking out my LV's all the time. There are so many fakes that I think people assume they are fake until they check it out really well.
  13. Could she have been trying to identify the make of the bag so she could track it down for herself??
  14. it's likely; but couple witht he expression on her face, I'd be suprised.
  15. I think it's a compliment that someone takes a look at your bag. I had a SA in a pet shop turn around and looked at my Chanel bag for a minute. My DH said i "broke her neck". LOL