Has this ever happened to anyone?

  1. I'm selling a brand new item on ebay that I paid over $1000. I have a reserve of $900 and a bin of $1000. I had a potential buyer message me with several questions which I responded to quickly and in full detail. He then proceeded to message me back and tell me that there is NO WAY I'm ever getting that much money and he'd offer me $450!! Thats over a $500 loss on my part!!! Has anyone else ever been messaged like this when selling on ebay? I know he was trying to discourage me by saying this and trying to get himself a deal. I thought it was quite ballsy and rude.
  2. Well, maybe he figured it can't hurt to try. No harm done, people do it with cars, houses, E-bay stuff...
  3. I usually sell stuff on my school forum first before posting it on ebay, and I ALWAYS get snotty brats saying I'm stupid or dreaming to get the price I want. In the end E-bay always comes through. Anyone who really wants that bargin and knows the retail value will probably jump at buying at your pice. Don't be discourage, some people are just rude!
  4. Sometimes people say that to see if you will budge. Don't take that loss! You can definitely get the money you are asking for on ebay with a little patience!!
  5. Never on eBay but when i was selling my car on Craigslist back in January I had someone call me and do the same thing. I was selling the car very cheaply to begin with and the guy called me saying I would never even get close to that and he offered me a little less than half of what I was asking!. I laughed at him, told him no way and hung up. People will try anything to break your confidence and get themselves a deal!
  6. Just list it at the price you want. If no one buys it, maybe it's a bit too high but I won't take what the potential buyer said to heart cause that's them trying to bring the price down for them to get a deal.
  7. Good luck selling it.

    I think some people have balls of steel and the nerve to match.
  8. i have never sold anything on e-bay before. frankly, i have never sold anything before.

    but i can imagine how frustrating this must be.

    i wish you lots of luck on your sale.
  9. so true, so true
  10. When I was forced by a medical condition to part with my collection of (mostly designer) stilettos last year, I sold them on eBay. I never used a reserve, but my starting bids weren't too far from my BIN price either. I'd get all kinds of crazy questions from people, your type included. Though no one ever said "too much" I'd get offers like "if it doesn't sell, I'll buy it for X dollars." I see eBay as a "haggle ground" and have done it myself via the Submit Best Offer function, but never have I told a seller they are priced to high (although we've all seen that).

    If you've never sold on eBay before, especially if you are a long time buyer as I am, it's an eyeopening experience! You really begun to understand why sellers do and say things that make no sense to you as a buyer....until you start selling that is!
  11. Yes, I've had someone ASQ me about one of my auctions asking why my BIN was so high. I was selling a Coach bag and it was a pretty popular bag when it first came out and I was selling it used 2 years later. I think my BIN was close to retail but I started the bidding at 50% off retail. I mean your BIN is your ideal price right? What you hope for.

    I had the only bag of it's kind on Ebay at the time so I thought why not and put a high BIN. I reminded her the starting bid was very reasonable...I was put off by her complaint of my BIN but Of course she ended up BIN'ing on it!
  12. Well I always feel that any offer is a good offer, in that there is an interest on someones part. Just always be professional in answering questions or even lame offers. Sometimes people will lowball you even if they have intentions of going higher. Being rude (which you were not I am sure) and getting snippy will only endanger a sale.
  13. I just had the same thing happen to me this morning. Someone emailed me for more photos, which I took and sent/posted. She then emails me and offers me significantly less than my opening bid, which was 30% off of retail -- and the bag is less than 2 months old. No thank you.
  14. Argh! Yes, this has happened to me a few times and I hate buyers like that. Be patient, someone will buy it, but it may take listing it a few times before you sell it. :yes:
  15. some people asked me if have a BIN or if i'm willing to let go for lower.
    but they never said something rude!
    please don't feel intimidated, and don't let go if you don't want to let it go.