Has this ever happened to anyone else???

  1. Hi Everyone! This is my first post. The reason I am here is: my husband bought me a pocket in the city large tote for my birthday but I only got to use it for a few days. The very first time I tried to unzip the small pocket on the front of the bag the zipper broke. I don't mean it just fell off, the metal zipper pull cracked in half~I couldn't believe it! My husband contacted Chanel who apologized and offered to send me a gift and gave us a list of stores in our area where we could purchase another bag. I was and am very disappointed for several reasons. First, I feel like they should have offered to locate another bag for us and had it shipped to our house if we were still interested in purchasing one and second, the gift was a complete joke. It was five of the little samples you get at the makeup or fragrance counter. This experience has left me very disappointed. Has anyone else had problems with their Chanel bags?

  2. Oh, my gosh, how disappointing for you & your DH!
    I would certainly take it in to the store for them to exchange it- not fix it- exchange it.
    Please keep us informed, I want to know how this gets resolved.
  3. For Heavens Sake....Chanel is becoming a joke. What a disappointment.

    I have to say I have been lucky so far and no issues like that with any bags I have purchased, but it saddens me to hear of a bad experience happening to anyone.:sad:
  4. My husband returned the bag the day after it broke. Neiman's had no problem taking it back, but they did not have another one. They did locate one for me and I will get it b/c I love it, but I feel so let down by Chanel's customer service. They thanked my H for letting them know what happened and apologized, but they also went on to talk about their pride in the high quality Chanel represents and I just can't help feeling disappointed~I have never seen a zipper crack. Maybe I am being too picky.
  5. For the most part, none of us have had or will have any trouble like that.
    There's definitely the occasional complaint about servcei or quality for sure though:yes:
    Did they know you wanted them to locate you another bag?
  6. They just said if we were still interested in purchasing one we could do so at....
  7. I'm sorry that your first Chanel bag was such a disappointment! And that Chanel CS didn't appear to be too helpful, either. I've just started collecting and have had no quality issues so far...just wanted to reassure you that it's not typical! (But obviously possible)

    PS I love the pocket in the city ligne!
  8. Sorry about that, I never had any quality problems with my purses and I always found the people helping me with little, and sometimes frivolous problems very helpful and courteous...
  9. I also would want them to go out of their way and locate a new bag for me. I know they won't do it, but I would want them to. And those samples... I'd probably throw them away. When you said "gift" I thought it would be something of value.
  10. Goodness, that is disappointing! :tdown: *hugs*

    You're not being picky at all - zippers aren't supposed to crack!!! I have a Pocket in the City (the doctor bag) in the rich dark choc colour and I have been using it almost everyday for the last several months - it's still in perfect condition and I don't exactly baby my bags.

    The least they should offer (esp if they know you'd like a replacement) is to do a search and locate the bag for you. The SAs I've dealt with so far are helpful, friendly and courteous and are willing to do searches for me. I hope you are able to get a replacement soon :smile:
  11. Sorry that this happened to you !They should have offered to exchange it for another one at the first place!You're not picky at all! with all that money we pay for our bags they'd rather be in excellent condition and there should be a better service too!DO keep us posted!:smile:
  12. hoe rude! I hope that you can sort everything out soon
  13. I am confused- did you get the bag from Chanel or Neimans ?
    Or were you saying you got it from Neimans and called Chanel to let them know of the defect ?
  14. Poor dear.They ought NOT to have sent u the samples, this is so insulting!:cursing:
  15. Sorry to hear! :sad: at least Neimans was friendly and helpful about the issue.