Has this ever happend to you?? What should i do then?

  1. I bought a NWT chanel necklace from eBay. Seller said in the title and in the listing that it retailed for $475. So I won the necklace at 330... not a huge bargain but at least it is below retail. Then when I got it in the mail today I was shocked to see that on the Chanel tag attached to this necklace, the printed price is $285. I checked the description on that tag it all matches this necklace so it is not a misplaced tag. I emailed the seller immediately and she simply returned this one sentence:"It is retails for $475". word for word. Not my grammar error. Anyway, should I press for more info? she apparently doesn't want to talk about this. Any ideas? :cursing:
  2. If you have the tag with the item number, call the Chanel 800 # or a boutique. They should be able to tell you the current retail price.
  3. Thanks. It is from 2005 though. Will they be able to offer price info on 2005 item?
  4. I think if you have the item number it should still be in the system.
  5. Generally, I never take the seller's word for it when they declare what the retail price is. For the most part, I've found that the declared retail prices are inflated on eBay and I've learned to research the item I'm bidding on for myself before I decide to participate in the auction.

    There have been many threads started on TPF about this, so at least take solace in the fact that you're not the first one to come up against this. You can press the issue, but I don't really think there's much you can do or get from the seller.

    Since it's an item from a past season (2005), the silver lining is that you won an item that is rare & probably very hard to find nowadays. Maybe this can justify the higher price tag. Good luck whatever you decide to do!
  6. Yes you should always do your own research before bidding, never take anything a seller says to be true without checking. I suppose you could consider a SNAD but Paypal would probably not find in your favor.
  7. I think it's wrong that the seller misrepresented the price, but if the necklace is authentic, you really have no recourse. You can generally find great bargains on e-bay, but also remember that it's a good resource for sold out, in demand items that often sell above retail. If you love the necklace and were comfortable paying $330 for it before you saw the original tag, I think you should wear it with pride!:smile:
  8. I agree with bellafleur. If you really wanted the item and you love it, price is irrelevant. Enjoy it!
  9. Really nothing you can do. May have been purchased at the Chanel outlet or Neiman outlet and seller listed original retail. This is the risk you take when shopping on eBay unfortunately...but, I will echo the rest, if you love it...enjoy it.