has this ever happend to anyone's GST?

  1. am i putting too much stuff in here? it seems odd bc i barely put much of anything in my GST but it has developed a wrinkle, crease at the bottom ...can i fix this somehow? or is this normal ?

  2. seems normal to me. . . I'm not sure overstuffing would cause that{?}
    Seems like normal pressure points and natural settling IMO.
  3. When you store the bag, are you stuffing it with tissue paper to help retain the shape?
  4. All GST will eventually do this just by setting it on the ground. It's not even the weight of the items within so much as the structure of the "walls" of the bag itself. It's just a heavy bag that won't stay perfectly upright because the leather isn't that stiff: it's bound to slump a little at the bottom.

    I've had mine for a couple months now and never overload it. It does the little slump anyway.
  5. So far mine doesn't have that but I haven't had it that long. It seems natural that the bag will probably do that. It's a heavy bag and the leather isn't stiff though.
  6. I would try to hang it from a chair or something and try not to set it down on it's base. That is just normal wear.
  7. A lot of different bags do that. My cambon lg tote does that too.
  8. Mine has not done that but I try not to set her down and also, I try not to overstuff in terms of how wide the items are in my bag. can you reshift the stuff inside, perhaps you are filling it to wide (from front to back) and need to fill it more from side to side? Does that make any sense??
  9. Mind does that. It's normal since it's not a super stiff bag. Doesn't bother me at all.