Has this been photoshopped ?

  1. [​IMG]

    I know some time ago this pic was floating around, just not sure if that tatoo is p/shopped or not.

  2. I have never seen her with a tattoo there? I think its photoshopped. This would have been all over the news.
  3. Is that actually her smoking when she was pregnant though?
  4. I think is fake!She is not pregnant!
  5. ^^ no kidding. This is from when she was preggo with the first ..
  6. Totally, completely photoshopped. First of all she does not have a tattoo like that. Secondly I believe the pregnant belly to be photoshopped as well. Look at her legs -- they are way too skinny in comparison to the large, final trimester-sized belly. Britney may be dumb but she's not that dumb.
  7. The left arm/purse looks like its been added as well. Total FAKE IMHO
  8. looks so photoshopped
  9. Yeah..completely photoshopped.
  10. ^^ i though this phone of her smoking was in a gossip mag when she was prego with sean preston?
  11. Yeah, it totally looks photoshopped. The left hand holding the pack of ciggies is several shades lighter than the arm. The right arm looks like it was thrown in there and so does the belly IMO.
  12. Totally photoshopped! I think she has couple of tattoos but none of them are on her belly.
  13. No, totally faked
  14. I think is photoshpped! I don't think she has that tattoo in her belly!
  15. Fake, but i dont doubt she would smoke while pregnant..