Has this bag been discussed?

  1. Does this one look OK? Ends in 3 hours but I don't know . . .
  2. Ronda I looked at that bag and it looks ok to me. But let some of the experts give their opinion. Why don't you ask the seller to email you a couple of pictures just to be sure she has that bag in the pictures and that the pictures aren't from somewhere else.
  3. Thanks PP100. Good idea.I got burned on a Gucci Blondie tote recently and I'm nervous.
  4. Looks good to me, could be a great deal. You can tell the bag is hers because all of her pictures are taken against basically the same background (pretty paint color she has too.. lol). Still, it doesn't hurt to be verrrry cautious!
  5. You know what? I am letting myself be swayed by the color. I think the Twiggy is too small for me. I'm going to hold out for a bigger bag and not do the "impluse" thing!
  6. Gorgeous color. I have this one in a hobo.
  7. $637... someone got a sweet deal!! Was it one of us?
  8. i got more pics from the seller (before the auction ended), and the rivets are not notched...... i thought this was from fall 05, which supposed to have nothced rivets?