Has there really been a decline in canvas quality (monogram DE)?

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  1. #1 Jun 8, 2016
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    I was really into LV from 2006 to 2010. Took a long break, and now I'm back into it again.

    I'm looking to purchase a monogram agenda PM to use as a wallet. And I'm having a hard time deciding between getting a new one or a pre-loved one.

    I'm in Germany, so the agenda PM is appx. $280 vs. the pre-loved ones in the $160's range. So there is some savings, but not a big amount.

    My main concern is the quality of the canvas, and if the ones from early 2000's are indeed better.

    I compared my DH's Keepall 50 in DE (from 2008) to my Favorite MM in DE (from last month), and I honestly cannot tell a difference.

    But I don't have any new monogram pieces to compare to my items from pre-2010.

    I would love to hear your opinions.
  2. The jury is still out on this and this topic has sparked many heated debates at times.
    I have 2 older pieces and I don't notice much of a change in quality of the canvas.
    I do notice with some new items, the canvas has a rubbery feel but I attribute that to the type of bag and it's need to more flexible. Comparing my old round coin purse cerise and my new one, the canvas on my new one feels more flexible but again, it's prob so that they coin purse can be more flexible when opening (it opens wider than my old one). Plus although similar, they are different as my cerise has a chain and screen printing which may be a factor why the canvas feels stiffer than my new one.
    So as for a decline in quality, I am not sure as I think the canvas is different for certain bags to allow for more flexibility (an improvement imo).
    I haven't exp any bubbling/peeling/cracking of the canvas on any of my items, but some people have, which may have just been a bad batch made (as with most things) as they usually replace the bad bag with the same bag and are happy. So I don't know if that's a decline in canvas quality- more likely a bad batch?
    Other issues seem to be more structural, or poor glazing which isn't canvas related.
    Anyhow this is my thoughts.
  3. Yes, I think the quality has dropped from 2010..
    I have some monogram recent pieces (2015) and some oldiest And I have to say that the canvas is really less resistant and strong now than before. Also the leather is very thin and that's way it bacame dark sooner than before.
    I can't say the same things about DE because for my experience it's more or less the same, probably just the details and the finishes are worse...
    Anyway I still prefer to buy new items rather than
    Second hand
  4. This has been a long running and hotly debated topic here on the forum with some members saying yes, the quality has been in steady decline since the mid/late 2000's, while others say no. It also is dependent on personal experiences and, to a certain extent, luck.
    Personally I think that there HAS been a decrease, and this is me comparing identical bags (in this case my '98 mono Speedy with the '15/16 versions) and finding that the canvas feels more rubbery and also thinner. The hardware has also changed from being brass to coated metal, for most designs, and the leather is also a bit thinner than what it once was. This is a result of increased supply/demand on a global level as well as the company taking corners to increase their overall profit margin. LV is still a great brand but yes, it does have its issues, just like Chanel, Gucci, Prada, etc. Pick your poison.
    It's worth noting that LV has changed up the canvas formula over the years to combat issues such as cracking and that it's pointless to compare between different designs as each model may require a specific thickness (i.e. the Artsy naturally has a thicker canvas than the Speedy so don't bother comparing between the two). The same applies for the thickness of the leather used for trimming and the straps.

    If the savings between pre-loved and new are minimal then maybe it's worth buying new; you get the satisfaction of the buying experience, it's guaranteed authentic, and it's yours from day 1.
  5. I looked at the empreinte artsy back in 2014 and again in 2015 and the leather was thinner on the artsy in 2015. I should have purchased that bag back then. Oh well. I live and learn. That's for sure.
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    wait, they changed from brass to coated metal?

    Why are they so stingy?

    Issues like this and cracked canvas on 1/2 year bags are really concerning to me. I am not married to the brand and am more than happy to walk away if it keeps going down this slippery slope.

  7. It's for a couple of reasons with the first being, ultimately, the cost factor; coated metal costs less and is therefore more appealing for LV's bottom line. Second is that brass, especially a lot of it, can be heavy; not a lot of people want that extra weight. Thirdly, brass tarnishes over time and can make one helluva mess on the surrounding canvas and leather; not a lot of people want to maintain and clean the brass and instead want care free.
  8. Cost isn't a legitimate reason when most bags start at 1k. If you cannot make a solid piece at 1k, then they need to get out of the business of selling luxury items.

    For most pieces, there isn't much metal on there, so the weight from the brass is minimal.

    The green corrosion is natural part of it aging and it can be cleaned. It can help laymen can tell if a piece is authentic on the resell market.
  9. Hello guys, it is my first time posting on here. This is my personal experience.

    My mother has an old Mono Speedy which I think she bought in the late 1990s and the hardware is still in ok shape.

    I bought a DE Speedy Bandoulière 30 in March of 2016 from the LV store and the lock is already starting to show black spots!! It only had very minimal use, I have only worn it about 4/5 times. I keep it stored inside its dust bag in a cupboard, I think it is unacceptable that a bag of this quality already shows this kind of wear on the hardware.

    When it comes to the actual canvas, I think it is thinner and more fragile than it was in the past, but I am not 100% sure. The hardware is definitely much worst quality, to the point where I am reluctant about buying more LV. I might move on to other fashion houses.

  10. It hasn't been solid brass for a long time, and LV isn't hurting, so they aren't going anywhere. Just sucks from the consumer point of view. One could fuss at Chanel for using plastic zippers in its wallets, but again that's how it is and Chanel isnt going anywhere, either.

    Corrosion of brass on vintage items cannot confirm or disprove authenticity. Fakers have had access to brass fittings, too.
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    I think that's a good answer. There is no motivation to improve when the goods are still selling, and at an ever increasing price point as well.

    Regarding the hardware, I have midpriced bags with beautiful hardware (not solid brass but very nicely plated metal) which is showing little to no signs of wear even after many years. This is partly why I find LV's hardware to be so disappointing - there is just pennies difference between that and the better hardware I mentioned. This is cost-cutting of the worst kind. I don't think LV even cares about the customers who decide to walk away because as you allude there will always be others to replace them.

    That said, I doubt LV can risk allowing the quality to slide anymore than it has.
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  12. +1
  13. Let's be completely honest here, and I'm not even going to bother trying to whip a wand out of my butt to sugar coat this; LV stopped caring about its customers and products the moment it left the Vuitton family's control and went publicly traded. All that matters right now, besides maintaining, or at least trying to, the image that Louis himself made for the brand and the true passion he had for the craft, is the profit margin and how much the investors are making. Plain as that.
    No, the reasons I listed for the changing of hardware don't sound strong and legit, especially for such a powerful company, but that's the way it is and that's the way it will stay until the consumer, which is us, puts their foot down and refuses to buy again until the product quality increases to meet the amount of money we're spending. Judging by the amount of reveals that go on here in the forum and not just LV but Chanel, Gucci, Prada, YSL, etc. we seem to be pretty content where the quality stands despite the odd mutterings here and there. Chanel uses plastic zippers? Not surprised, definitely disappointed, but not surprised and by the time you've finished reading this one sentence alone stop and think how many bags Chanel just sold in those seconds. Sometimes we have to take off the rose-colored glasses to see our bags and the brands that we love for what they really are and that's not always fun but it's necessary to gain a perspective.
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  14. I had a canvas Bastille messenger bag from 2004 that had thick canvas and went and replaced it with one from 2008 and the canvas was a lot thinner. I don't know why the canvas changed on that bag and who knows it it was to cut costs but I guess the bag was lighter.

    Gold hardware has always been crappy coated metal. I always stick with silver hardware because it's superior to the gold hardware.
  15. They can get away with it, because people are still willing to pay $$$$ for the products. Almost every brand use coated metal. MCM has 24 K gold coating for their hardware. Which is amazing for the fact most cost less then LV and other premium brands. But it coated, eventually the gold will rub off. Not sure if Chanel still offer 24K gold coating metals on their products. I know vintage do.

    But Luxury isn't sunshine and roses how they claim out to be. Everything is marketed to make us believe it s premium product. :P