Has there ever been an HHHottie live chat?

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  1. It seems like a lot of us are online browsing the forums at the same time-- has there ever been an HHHottie live chat room where people can shoot the breeze, get answers in real time, etc?

    I'd be happy to set one up if people were interested in participating. A lot of forums do scheduled chats at a particular time at on a particular day, which I also think would be really fun!

    I feel like I know some of you already, but it would be fun to "talk."

    What say you, HHHotties? :tup:? :tdown:?
  2. Live chat through what program/service? Sounds interesting.
  3. There are several...in the past, forum groups have used AOL/AIM, but I think the fastest way to do it would be through an IRC channel, which requires no registration and can be accessed through a web-based window.
  4. Since this is outside of the tPF bailiwick, so to speak, I'd definitely get permission from Vlad/Megs before posting any further information, so your time is not wasted in case it's a no-go.

    If it's a go, then we'd talk some more about what program, instructions for the less-technical among us, and a date/time. Thanks for a great idea - hope that Vlad and Megs think so too.
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    never mind, I figured it out. I sent a message to Vlad.