Has there ever been a two-tone cadena?

  1. ...Just wondering.

    eta: I'm also trying to figure out if it's a cool thing for people with different HW or more confusing for those who care about matching hardware to jewelry.
  2. The Lantern--can't remember which year off the top of my head--was gold rimmed with palladium.
  3. Thanks, Orchids!:flowers:
  4. Found it..it's cute. 1991

    It would be awesome on my Kelly (PAL hw...but I wear mostly gold). I'm thinking it would bridge the metals?
  5. I like that idea of a cadena in two-tone. HMMMM!
  6. Oooo, I like it in 2 tone too!
  7. I think only Lantern came with two tones. I'm still kicking myself for letting it go. In fact, I'm regretting A LOT of things I've gotten rid of. Laboheme, Here are old photos I managed to dig out from my hard drive.




  8. I'm thinking that (lantern) would go perfectly on a bag to blend. They should come out with more two tones! :confused1: I have a vintage Corum men's admiral's cup watch. The face is smaller/thinner than the men's watches now, but bigger than traditional 'tiny' women's watches. the band is brushed silver with a tiny bit of GH and I use it to blend the metals...Plus it's really too cool with the nautical flags as numbers. I think I want/need a lantern now.
  9. I love it!! ...Hopefully one will 'find me' one day. :heart: It would be so perfect on my Graphite/Phw Kelly!:drool:

    Thank you BG for the fab photos!:flowers:
  10. My pleasure, Laboheme :smile:
  11. Laboheme, I have the lantern and have found it a very easy charm to wear on the bags. It can kind of lay flat so it stays in position....and I find the two tone metal colors look great with bags of both palladium as well as the yellow gold:yes:

    Good luck on your quest for one:tup: They do show up on eBay occasionally and sometimes you can find one in a private sale.
  12. I love that latern! i wish hermes would do another two tone cadena. my watch is two toned and that is one of the reasons I love it. I'm anal about matching my hardware and with the two toned watch, I never have to take it off.