Has there ever been a Delightful GM in azur??

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  1. I have only just sold my Delightful PM in monogram, because this to me is more a summer/spring style and I wanted to rebuy it in azur. Kind of regretting it already, 'cause I learned the new style is quite different from the original models.

    Just to make up my mind about which size I want I scanned through the preloved offers and found an old style GM in Damier Azur. Puzzled me, I thought the azur and ebene were only introduced with the new style, and found nothing in the internet.
    Does any of you know about or own an "old style" Delightful azur? I added two pictures of the offer.

    Thank you all for your help ❤️!

    image.png image.png
  2. Nope, definitely fake.
  3. No, the Delightful GM has only ever been released in the mono print (at least for now)...anything else is a Phouis.
  4. Thank you for your quick response, have reported the offer already.
    Quite a shame, though, I loved the old style and can't understand why they changed it - other than economical reasons, certainly .
  5. Basically, like you said, it's to cut cost and time during the assembly of the Delightful. I personally thought that the zippers added something special to such a large hobo, they also made it more practical/functional, but the NM is still beautiful.
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