Has there been issues of color transfer with the Metalic reissues?

  1. So...the great debate keeps going on whether to keep the dark and light silver reissue, or which one to keep. Another issue that has come to mind, have those of you who own any metalic reissue had issues with color transference? Does it rub off on clothes? Or just wear off the bag? Than if it does, does that spot on the bag just look dull?

    I love how they look now, but if in a year or a few months, they'll have rubbing spots on them, I dont' think I'd be happy with how much they cost?
  2. how often do you plan to use your metallic silver (or dark silver)? So far I've used mine 3 times and it's probably too early to tell but there's been no color transfer issues. If there's a problem, you can always take it back to Chanel, no?
  3. I don't think that there should be issues with color rub off or transfer with the metallic reissues. :smile: I have the light silver, dark silver, and metallic black (well, that will be here tomorrow), and the distressed calfskin is much more durable than, say, a smooth lambskin or even a metallic goatskin. I would be far more worried about color transer (and hence my being extremely anal while carrying it) with my matte gold , since it is smooth lambskin. :sweatdrop: I have two Balenciaga metallic First's (shh! Not Chanel! :p), and unfortunately, they are susceptible to rubbing and show slight wear at the corners due to the smooth goatskin leather. :nogood: I think you should return the reissues if you're iffy about the colors, etc., as opposed to the "wear" issue... I don't consider them work horse bags, and I'm not expert either, but I think that they should be just fine with regular use. :smile:
  4. Schmoo~ I haven't had any issues with my dark silver but it is not an everyday bag for me. Seems to be holding up very well. You should at least keep one of them! :amuse:
  5. I don't think the metallic reissues will rub off. It just doesn't seem like the type that would. It's kind of early to tell right now since they were pretty recently released.
  6. so far so good with mine. schmoo...if you don't LOVE the bags then return them. chanel comes out with something new every season so you should save the $$ for something you really like.