Has there been a price adjustments for Spy bags?

  1. I bought my spy from Singapore a year ago at $3580 (US$2310). Just over the weekend a friend bought the same one in Singapore for $3300 (US$2130). And this is from the boutique itself. Has there been a price reductino recently? Can anyone tell me?
  2. Not that I know of. Prices are the same as what they have always been in England. £1,100
  3. it defers sometimes bcoz of the differences in exchange rates
  4. Tammy, did your friend buy a color that was going out of season? That might be the case. Or maybe different boutiques.. :shrugs:
  5. Were they both leather? I know the denim and zucca ones are a couple hundred less than the leathers. Different colors/materials affect the price. Was it the exact same bag?
  6. It is the exact same one in dark brown leather. Gosh. It's a LOT of difference!
  7. Yeah, that is a huge difference..

    I think there has been a small price hike in them. The only reason I think that is because when I was reading the post in the purse blog about the Honey Fendi Spy, the price listed was just a little bit cheaper than what it is now. But that was a raise in prices, not a drop.

    You said you purchased it from a Fendi boutique in Singapore? Maybe call a Fendi boutique and ask them why that would be. Tell them which store it was and everything.
  8. Prices fluctuate in Singapore boutiques due to the exchange rates. Even LV has price difference but theirs are quite minimal.