Has there been a gold carly for coach out already?

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  1. I'm just wondering because I really want a coach carly. However, I want to buy it from Macys. Has the gold carly been out already in the past or is it gonna come out for winter or spring? I've seen it on ebay but i won't buy from ebay. Was the gold carly a limited edition or something?
  2. Are you talking about the khaki w/gold trim Carly? If so you may find one if you call the Coach 800 nuber (jax) other than that you wont find them in the stores anymore. And no they wont be bringing them back.

  3. Oh ic , thanks!
  4. We still have the top handle carly in gold but none of the larger carlys. I've seen them though, they are really pretty!!
  5. I just saw a med gold/khaki carly at the supermarket today. I stared and she must have thought something was very wrong with me...that is a beautiful bag.
  6. Thanks all! Yea, I love gold! the small pouch is too small however if it was on sale in macys, i would like to buy it!
  7. On sale!!! omg where? I love the colors too.
  8. Yeah the Khaki/Gold came out last year after Christmas. It was only out until like Feb. then had to be back ordered. I actually have one in the gold. I LOVE IT.:heart:
  9. the Khaki/Gold is sold out through Coach. Macy*s might still have it, though. You can now order from Coach the khaki/bronze, which will be the same bronze found on the signature stripe totes.
  10. I bought the Khacki/gold in medium last year. I really like it with a great brown or black outfit. I decorated her with the heart , small siggie charm. The leather on her molds to the shoulder and is very slouchy and comfy.