Has the waiting list for the Pomme D'Amour Heart purse opened yet?

  1. Hey to all the people out there in Sydney, Aus!!!

    I wanted to get my name on the waiting list for the Pomme D'Amour heart purse and envelope plate but i called and they said that they didn't have a waiting list for it yet. Is that true? Anyone else got their names on the list already?
  2. This can be true, at my store in Germany they told me the same thing. I hope someone who cames from Aus. can help you.
  3. NOPE. The item is not even in their system yet. I will keep u all updated. But do get one of SA or ur SA eye closely for those who really interested. Thats what I have done. There are 4 SA doing it for me in total. For such a small thing, crazy. But I do want it!
  4. Hi there,
    I went into store yesterday to ask about the heart purse, my SA did not even know about it!!

    However after searching he found paperwork woth all the forth comming items on and has put me down to get one as soon as they come in but untill yesterday they didnt have a list!

    Will be getting mine as soon as they come in :yahoo:
  5. so australia doesnt even KNOW about the heart shaped coin purse???
    wow! this forum really is a help!
  6. Sydney boutique higher management people know them already, not all SA aware of it as the listing not even out, I think they gonna have somekinda special Vday event on it. Thats why.
  7. Wow! Goes to show tPF rocks!