Has the tPF increased your shopping? What has the tPF convinced you to purchase next?

  1. Oh my gosh...:wtf: since I've been a member of this board....let me tell you. And that is only since Nov. 06! These have been my purchases, granted, some were lucky finds on eBay. But some were purchased form tPF members, so this board is still facilitating my habits:

    1. Chanel Modern Chain Hobo-brown
    2. Chanel quilted checkbook wallet-brown
    3. Blue Jeans joyen Chloe Paddington
    4. Louis Vuitton Le Fab
    5. Chanel black timeless clutch

    and off purse purchases:
    1. Chanel single pearl strand with two double cc's
    2. Chanel flats in black and cream detail with cc's

    And now, after all this dicussion I want either:
    1. Cabas in black vynl
    2. Rock and chain in white
    3. 50's flap -not sure what color yet?

    Do I really need to pay rent? Thats like a whole purse a month!
  2. WIth all the talk about the increase on the classic line, I did crave a red lambskin classic and a new white jumbo classic as well. I had to! I SAVED money right? LOL.
  3. I know!!!!!! It's so scary! I've been the exact same way. The worst of it is that I'm never content I always see something cuter and want that too!
  4. I barely shop.......

    Yes..My habits have changed..BUT for the better..I have a more refined taste for bags now and buy less trendy ones thanks to the PF and their FAB members!
  5. tPF is dangerous. I consider quitting it every time I make a new purchase. =P BUt I Like keeping updated. =)
  6. Oh yes this forum has totally increased my shopping! Its like our own shopaholics club! Just like Lucci said, we just HAD to make those pre-price increase purchases...right!??:rolleyes:
  7. Maybe a little, but I don't collect AT ALL, so not in a bad way.
    I still only have 4 designer purses and have acquired 3 of them in the past year. But as I said, I don't tend to collect at all so I will be surprised if I buy 3 more this year, I'll probably buy one . . . maybe 2 :biggrin:
  8. I know. I keep saying this is it. This is the LAST purchase, as I try to sneak in a new purse past the darling BF. It was so much easier before we lived together, now he knows when I am making room for something new.:smile:
  9. tPF has increased my shopping until I got the bills! AND, my $1500 limit on a bag is now increased coz of ALL the choices! Lementing on one bag in the $2k-$3k range, classic.

    COZ my wallet WON'T ALLOW ME TO KEEP UP W/YA ALL!!!! ;)
  10. A little. I got an Azur cles after seeing Azur on tPF. I also want a new pair of Chanel white 511 sunglasses, but that's about it.....(of course I've only been a member here for one month;) :p )

    I'm pretty happy with my bag collection.....:yes:
  11. Most definitely!

    I used to be happy after I bought a designer bag, now I immediately start thinking about my next bag.

    I also used to have a $1000 limit. Well, now I'm buying Chanel and you know you can't buy a bag with $1000. So, my limit has increased to $2500. I hate to even look at me writing that amount.

    I am eyeballing a white bag that Jill posted. It had silver hardware and it sort of looked like a flap bag version but different. I have already sent my SA an email about it. I probably won't get it if I can't get it in caviar or distressed leather. Also, it would be my first white bag. I'm loving everyone else's and I haven't taken the plunge because I have been afraid.
  12. It has a lot. I purchased a few LV bags also accessories which I would have never even thought about before because all I wanted were bags. I began to like Chanel after joining tpf. So my cambon tote and baby cabas were definitely inspired by tpf.
  13. Ever since I joined the TPF.. I have acquired: :love::love:


    PNY white + black wallet,
    Cabas baby,
    cabas vinyl,
    MC red tote,
    goatskin luxe bowler (sold off white/python large Cambon tote to get this), cloudy bundle e/w tote (but sold it off to buy the MC red tote :shame: ),
    cloudy bundle bowler (sold off the black/white CC Cambon large tote and matching wallet to get this)


    Cherry blossom misc pieces (sold some and ended up getting more :wtf: ), Groom pieces,
    Suhali white Le Fab


    orange epsom birkin

    (eeks) sounds like an awful lot when i put it into perspective like that :wtf::wtf: but I have also since sold off nearly all my Dior, Bottega, more than 30 pairs of Jimmy Choos, Manolos and CLs.. So dun freak out dear PFers. hehe AND I am not about to quit the PF. I just cant do it. :shrugs:
  14. Oh and my limit on my CC was £1000 and it went up to £2000 now.. :sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  15. Well, tPF did not increase my shopping, I increased my shopping as a result of being a member of tPF! I think a lot of us have unleashed our inner purse maniac since joining, and we have had a place where we can educate ourselves, meet others who share our obsession, and encourage others with their purchases. Long live tPF!!