Has the size of medium classic flap been changed?!?!?!

  1. I was wondering if chanel has changed the size of the medium classic flap?

    the one that i got appears to be size 9" x 2.5" x 5.5" and stated as medium size classic flap.

    I'm so furious ... not sure ... and confused :sad:

    Can anyone tell me?
  2. Sounds like you got the small flap.

    Here are the sizes and prices of the flaps:

    Small - 9" W x 5.5" H x 2" D - $2,295.00 for Caviar + $100.00 more for lambskin

    Medium - 10" x 6" x 2.5" - $2,395.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for lambskin

    Jumbo - 12" x 8" x 3" - $2,650.00 Caviar + $100.00 more for lambskin
  3. The one we call med or med/large is stated as large in C/bs in Europe,and the small as medium! Can it be that you got the small instead ?cause its measurements match those of the small one!:yes:
  4. I believe some boutiques call the classic flap sizes "small, medium, jumbo" and others call it "medium, large, jumbo". On this forum we use the first naming convention most of the time but it's possible your store uses the second one.
  5. Did you get it on eBay? I often see small flaps on eBay listed with the medium flap's dimensions. I think a lot of sellers are lazy and just copy/paste other people's auction specs. Sometimes I see the East west bag with the medium classic's dimensions too! Now that is a big difference.
  6. oh, the medium's price has changed? i tot it was 2350?

  7. I thought the small one is the one like a clutch with single flap.

    the one i got is the double flaps

    I am still confused. and the width is 2.5" not 2"
  8. You got the small one that is 9". See the post above with the measurements. The one without double flaps is the east west (has no back pocket either).
  9. Nope, of the double flaps there are two sizes, then there is the mini flap with a long single chain and the east west flap with a shorter and adjustable single chain and of course the jumbo with double chain (no double flap).... Sounds like you got the one know as either the small or medium which is the smallest of the double flaps, make sense?? Most boutiques use Med., Large, and Jumbo as size references, then East West and Mini.....
  10. No, my husband got it from Chanel in Australia. A month ago I returned the previous medium classic bag before because it has a defect on the strap, so we got the store credit because the dont have another one at the time. This time i ask him to get the same new one if they got it in stock. Hubby called the store and they said they had one so hubby went there and bought it. Now back to home country and show me the bag, it is not the same one. I am sad. So much trouble ... kinda tired ... i guess i'm not lucky with chanel after all this first experience.
  11. They did just come out with some e/w with double flaps just to confuse everyone a little more:nuts:
  12. Oh well, i guess i will never be able to use it as everyday bag since its too small and i can only use it as a clutch.

    Any member here has the small one?
  13. Yea, I know.....as if things werent confusing enough already lol.