Has the Outlaw been "Outlawed?"

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  1. Hi everyone, I noticed that on all the threads there has barely been any talk about the Outlaw bag. I don't own one myself, and have only seen two reveals on TPF, a mineral and a chalk Outlaw. Most attention is on the Rogue, Saddlebags, or Dinkys. Has anyone wondered why the Outlaw doesn't seem to be getting much love? It is a beautiful bag, though, even empty, is quite heavy. I think that the Outlaw will soon be at the Outlets or in the next SAS, because it just doesn't seem to be selling well. This is just MO. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? :thinking:
  2. The reviews on it on the Coach website are really good. There was a similar thread recently.


    As stated there, I really love mine. Beautiful bag. No regrets...only bag of the 1941 collection that I tried that really worked for me. If it goes to the outlet I have no regrets about buying as I bought with pce, but would have paid full price for it, and that is rare for me.
  3. I'm so glad you love this bag, Alexa! It's great when one finds a bag that really works for us. It really is beautiful, which is why I've wondered why more people here weren't talking about it, especially since it has gotten good reviews. Thanks for the added info! Enjoy your gorgeous bag! :P
  4. A glovetanned pebbled leather version is coming out and I suspect that it may get more attention on TPF. I own a chalk one, but may return it. It's beautiful, but I'm just not a satchel person, and it does look a little odd worn crossbody or shoulder IMO. I also know a lot of people complained about the small opening at the zipper, which doesn't bother me. I thought I could give it a try carrying it by the handles, but it's a little too heavy for me to carry that way. I haven't made up my mind about returning it just yet. I'm going to purchase the smaller Rogue in chalk and see if that better suits my needs before I return the Outlaw
  5. This is a great question, OP! It's as if it disappeared from the spring Coach lineup. I think it's beautiful, too...it's sort of bizarre - and sad - how some bags "make it" and others quickly fall by the wayside, even after a lot of hype. But I agree w/your prediction: semi-annual sale.
  6. The weird gap left open at the top is what killed it for me. Other than that, it would have been right up my alley. I'm a sucker for turn locks, satchels, and outside pockets.