Has the newest/3rd generation IPHONE come out yet?

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  1. My birthday in is May and before my big move to NYC this summer:yahoo:, I'd really like to get an Iphone. I remember hearing that the newest version was coming out this spring, but I'm not sure if it's out yet or not..Anyone know anything??


  2. theres already a 3rd generation didnt it just come out last year? :confused1:
  3. I know I just plug mine into the computer and it DL's all the upgrades. So, Im not sure if they are even planning a 3rd generation. I dont even remember hearing about the 2nd.
  4. is there a 32 gb?
  5. Isn't it technically still a 1st Gen? Nothing's change save firmware updates and memory sizes.
    But, no, since the memory increase to 16gb, there hasn't been any changes.
    They plan on releasing a software upgrade soon.
  6. There has only been 1 iPhone and it came out in June of 2007 as far as models. There had been some talk of a newer one coming out at MacWorld in January of 2008, but they launched the Touch and new nanos. When the iPhone first came out it was available in 4G and 8G, but now they have the 8G and the 16G (which is new as far as space and I'm thinking maybe that's what you were asking). The 8G is $399 and the 16G is $499. If I were you, I would definitely get the 16G if it's in your budget. I got the 4G and it would be nice to have some more room to have more movies, music, tv shows, etc.
  7. I'm almost positive that Apple is still on the 1st generation iPhone. In fact, my boyfriend's sister's husband :lol: told me last week that Apple might be coming out with 2nd gen iPhone sometime this year. But I haven't officially heard anything from Apple yet.
  8. Hmmm....yeah I thought they were still 1st generation too. Because I think I remember saying "Maybe I'll wait for the next one..." :thinking: But I didn't!
  9. There is strong rumors that a 3G (faster internet speed) will be coming out in June. A good place to go for rumors of what is happening is either macrumors.com or ilounge.com
  10. I'm not sure about Iphone (I soooo wish Verizon had them!!) but I have an 8g Itouch, and just saw on Apple.com that there is now a 32g Touch for $499
  11. Thanks for all the replies everyone! I think I meant to be thinking "newest version", not "3rd Gen"..whoops! :upsidedown: Shows how much I know about electronics. I think I'll go ahead and get one for my birthday since they've hopefully worked most of the kinks out.:tup:
  12. I'd recommend going to AT&T and trying them out first. Try out other phones as well. What are you planning to do with your phone? Just call people? Texting? Net surfing? Life management (emails, work interface, calendar planning)?

    Do you use a Mac or PC at home? iTunes?
  13. Do you know how an IPHONE compares to a Blackberry by chance?
  14. I'm already with AT&T so that makes it easier. Several of my friends have them, and I've enjoyed "playing" around with their's so I think I would like it! I know that I don't want a Blackberry b/c this is more of a "fun" phone, and I think Bberrys are only really good for email. I figure moving to NYC I'll constantly be getting lost and need Google Maps, want to look up a restaurant, etc.. and it will be nice to have email access during the day while I'm running around.
  15. Well, in that case, you might want to look at a phone with actual GPS. The iPhone only triangulates your position based on cell towers, and that can be way off some times. If you get a phone with GPS, you can use Google Maps or MS LiveSearch for free and they will give you actual locations of where you are. I use LiveSearch all the time looking for various points of interest, then from there, mapping how to get there based on my current GPS location.
    I know for sure my AT&T Tilt has GPS as does other GSM HTC phones. So, if that's a big deal, look for that. Some BB's do have GPS, but I think they're only on CDMA networks, which isn't compatible with AT&T. BB owners chime in here. Also, the iPhone uses EDGE instead of the the faster 3G for internet usage, which is why I wanted you to compare phones. See how fast you can browse the net with the iPhone compared to a 3G capable phone and you might change your mind. I can visit tPF and have pages load, complete with pics in abt 2-3 seconds. For example, if you go to www.dslreports.com and take the iPhone DL speed test, my Tilt registered 901 kbs whereas the iPhones are avg 180 kbs.