Has the Miss Dior been Discontinued?

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  1. Hello guys, I called my boutique in India and they told me the Miss Dior bag has been discontinued?? They said Dior only makes the Miss Dior Promenade bag now? I am so confused, because when I was in Paris last year I saw so many Miss Dior Bags.
    I ended up buying a the large promenade sling bag, but I clearly remember the one I bought was smaller compared to the Miss Dior some which had long chains, some short and there was another that had a sliding chain.

    Was I dreaming???
  2. The last boutique I was in said they still make it but only in the classic colours. Not sure if that is true though as I have also heard discontinued.
  3. Oh wow! so its true! But isnt it a classic style? And quite pretty more feminine than the Diorama in my opinion...
  4. is that true? That's sad if it's true. Miss dior is on my waiting list =(
    I only heard that the sliding chain is discontinued though.
  5. Im hoping my SA has it wrong and that only the sliding chain is discontinued.... I really like the Miss Dior coz its so girly and practical and leather lined...great quality...
  6. Also why are there no threads on Miss Dior in the reference library... its strange... this bag is not much loved?
  7. My SA at the Fairmont location in Vancouver confirmed discontinued. I absolutely loved this bag. I am sad to see it go.
  8. It is my favorite Dior bag but I heard from an SA in Las Vegas that it's discontinued. I have now idea why it wasn't more popular. I have two (pink & blue) and am hunting the resale market for 2 other colors.
  9. I agree that it was a lovely bag, i remember seeing the launch campaign and thinking how elegant the lambskin was contrasted with the bulky chain strap. I did play with the updated version in the fall last year (the sliding chain and the shoulder length versions) and did remember feeling they were a bit bulky however. I assume that the Diorama's smoother finishes (sans quilting) was more appealing to the current fashionistas? I myself am else attracted to the cannage quilting on bags lately, liking them more on SLGs or as details (ie the flap lining on the Diorever that launched in fall).

    Still sad to see this design go! I'm also concerned about the future of the promenade as I noticed on my last trip to Dior in Montreal that they had less on display and only had the smooth vernis finish as the only options out for clients to see (I'm sure they had the quilted lambskin versions tucked away)
  10. There is a thread in the Reference Library for the Miss Dior:


    This bag was popular when it was first released in 2011, with special thanks to its campaign featuring Mila Kunis. The bag was still featured years later in ads by Jennifer Lawrence. The fronting of a bag by a celebrity is big for Dior, and it usually indicates the investment that Dior is making towards that style of bag.

    Its shape was later changed and the ads still featured Jennifer Lawrence.

    But like most other brands (i.e. Chanel and Louis Vuitton), some bag styles eventually become discontinued, even if they are great. A brand that relies too heavily on making new permanent and iconic styles risks becoming a "dusty" label. Imagine walking into a Dior boutique 10 years later and all the bag styles are still the same as today; it's not a good thing for a fashion brand (or any brand for that matter). Very few bags can be elevated to the iconic status of the Lady Dior, Hermes Birkin, and Chanel Reissue (these are only some examples), and a brand cannot rely too heavily on these icons, once again for the same reasons I have already mentioned. Prada is an example of a brand which has relied heavily on the success of it's Saffiano Lux (or Galleria) tote, and has paid the price for this over-reliance.

    The Miss Dior is still available currently at boutiques in the Promenade style, but even that continues to be modified to keep things fresh and exciting. The newest Miss Dior Promenade pouches feature larger locks that are sometimes inlaid with coloured resin.

    Dior Mila Kunis 3.jpg Dior Miss Dior Jennifer Lawrence 4.jpg Dior Miss Dior Jennifer Lawrence Spring 2014 2 (3).jpg
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  11. Thank you very much for the very insightful response. Its easier to understand why they discontinued the bag and it also makes more sense now why Chanel made such a brutal cut with the GST. Its interesting u mentioned Lady Dior Hermes Birkin and Reissue. How about the Chanel Classic Flap? It would be crazy is that ever got discontinued!!

    I am still very very sad about the Miss Dior. I really wanted one in Red Lambskin, the same one Mila Kunis is rocking!
  12. I loved how the new sliding chain was styles in this shot!

    View attachment 3397086

    I think why I like the Diorama more than this Miss Dior is because I preferred the look of the latter as a shoulder bag, while the former I prefer cross body as it has a sleekness that keeps it from overpowering the wearer. It's just not a look I can pull off but I do love in this kind of silhouette with a fall jacket!
  13. The Chanel Classic Flap will not be discontinued. From a business stand-point, it would be silly for them to ever discontinue it given that it is essentially a Reissue with a CC lock, which makes it even more popular.

    I was only giving a few examples, and they are by no means all-encompassing. :smile: But the fact that Chanel discontinued the GST is evidence that bags that are so classic can still be discontinued.

    The good thing about the discontinuing of the Miss Dior is that you may be able to find it cheaper second hand. Current bags always have a higher resale value than discontinued bags.
  14. I like the Diorama more than the sliding chain Miss Dior. I think the Diorama is fun and the chain is much better-designed.

    I think Dior changed the design of the original Miss Dior because it looked too much like Valentino's Lock Rockstud flap bag, and the newer curvier shape distinguished it more from the Chanel Classic Flap. Of course this is purely speculation.
  15. Oh I would so love to find a Miss Dior for me in Red second hand, but Ive been combing through all the consignement sites online and havent found any Miss Diors! Is there a ISO help me find thread in the Dior Forum?

    I do like the Diorama as well and the quality is really amazing. My promenade bag is just fantastic. If I dont find a Miss Dior in the seconds I might go for the Diorama. Thanks for all the superb information.