Has the material for Saffiano Leather changed?

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  1. #1 Jan 23, 2019
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2019
    Hi lovely ladies,
    It has been quite some time since I last checked this forum, but I found something out today which left me questioning this Selma bag (bought from michaelkors.com)

    I own a couple of selma bags, an ava bag and a phone purse from Michael Kors - all made in saffiano leather with the signature cross-hatch pattern. The last time I bought from Michael Kors stores was in 2014/2015 and I hadn't been bag hunting since. (The durability and low maintenance of the saffiano leather was precisely the reason why I did not have to get a new one)

    Until I chanced upon the Michael Kors online sale. I got myself a Selma messenger, with the name of the item clearly stated as 'Selma Medium Saffiano Leather Crossbody'. I received the item today, and was surprised that the material is different from my other saffiano bags from Michael Kors.

    Here are the photos:
    Blue one is my existing Selma bag (you can clearly see the cross-hatch pattern
    selma from michael kors stores.JPG

    Black one is the Selma crossbody that I received from michaelkors online (the texture is clearly different here):

    selma from michaelkors.global.JPG

    I own two other pebbled leather bags from Michael Kors (bought from stores as well) and the material is of course different from above. I am quite concerned as I chanced upon this article here: http://www.fobsession.com/saffiano-leather-definition-properties-and-cleaning/ and have written to Michael Kors on this.

    I have not noticed the Selma bags in stores recently if they have the same material/texture as the above black bag which was bought online.It has been a long time since I bought from their stores too. Any ladies with recent purchases of saffiano leather bags from Michael Kors or anyone whose bag is the same as the black one above?

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  2. I noticed the new bags on MK.com were made of leather described as "crossgrain" or "pebbled". I don't know if your Selma is made with the new crossgrain leather? I was actually wondering if they were replacing saffiano with crossgrain. I don't like that one bit if they are.
  3. Me neither - much prefer the crosshatch pattern on saffiano leather. I have also gotten another Selma medium bag from the same website earlier, which has the same texture as the black one. I gave it as a gift, hence did not manage to take photo of it.

    It does state Saffiano leather on the website though. selma medium.png
    selma messenger.png
  4. Yes, it appears they're replacing Saffiano with Crossgrain. The reason I think it's being replaced and not simply an additional leather is because existing bags and purses online are now in that leather despite having same product codes as old Saffiano versions.

    All the newer non-smooth/non-pebble bags like Maddie came out in Crossgrain.
  5. I checked the product images for the selmas which were listed as saffiano. They look like the bag that you got, and not the old saffiano. The thing is, I wouldn't have looked that closely at the pictures because I've always assumed saffiano is just that - saffiano. Fun123's observation is excellent. It looks like they're behind on updating the product listings. Would you be able to return the bag? The one you got isn't the one being advertised in their description.
  6. Yes I have always thought saffiano leather is synonymous with this crosshatch design, hence I was curious as to why this bag bought online looks different.
    Because it was bought at a discount, I am gonna keep it ;) It does not very much bother me, though I must say I find the old saffiano leather more appealing. I wonder if they will replace it for their newer designs or is it just for those sold on their website..hmm..
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    All the "Saffiano" sale Selma's I saw in the store recently were all in Crossgrain except the pink ones. They had black, grey, truffle, maroon, olive and teal, all Crossgrain. I'm in the UK.

    ETA: also 90% of Jet Set purses on display were in Crossgrain.

    ETA2: also noticed the lining on newer bags is different. It has ropes on it. Guess they're in the process of slight redesign.
  8. I have faced same situation when i bought selma bags in saffiano leather. now i am happy with both.
  9. Do not worry about this. These are beautiful.
  10. Thanks so much for the link!!
    When I got to the section regarding some saffiano being “faux leather”.... :wtf: Is it ok if I use this link in the D&B forum as well? I didn’t want to hijack it without asking. I buy MK but mostly D&B, and I’m wondering if the D&B saffiano is genuine or fake leather.