Has the LV patchwork bag come and gone


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Feb 2, 2006
I saw a picture of it on style.com and it said that it is part of the LV spring 2006 collection, but on the LV website, it is not there. Did it come and go (so fast :sad2: )

Has anyone got this, Id love to see pics. Its so unusual :love:
I don't think it was meant for mass production so that could be why it's not selling on any of the authorized retail sites. That's true though, I haven't seen any pop up on eBay either for outrageously jacked up prices !
LV_addict said:
What?! There is parchwork LV for 2006?!

The patchwork bag retailed for $20,000 or $22,000, I can't remember the exact price as it's juuussst a tich out of my pricde range:amuse: I was looking thru the book w/ my SA and picking out what I wanted from the collection. She told me that they were making an extremely limited number. The bag has sooo much detail, lots of croc (which as you all know really ups the price). Here's a picture of the bag from style.com. Hmmmmm.....I wonder If LV would take my bettle bug for a trade;)


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I do NOT love that bag at all.......I was thinking of the old patchwork bags they used to make......(I have one of the old ones....a little disappointed with this one...)