Has the Legacy Leather changed??

  1. Have any of you noticed a change in the quality of the legacy leather from a month ago or so, to what is now being sold in the coach stores and at coach.com? I bought the legacy shoulder bag in whiskey during the December PCE, and it is currently being sent off for repair. Well I recently ordered this same bag online as a backup just in case they got sold out and just in case my bag couldn't be fixed (yes, I'm nuts like that :nuts: and I just love this bag!)

    Well the new bag just got here yesterday, and the leather of this bag just seems different. Almost like it's thinner leather (if that's at all possible), or just not as good quality leather as my other bag is that I got a month ago. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I completely off my rocker? Or do you ladies think that the leather will get softer as it is broken in?

    Thanks ladies!
  2. I have no idea, because I've never seen it in person. I got my wristlet today though and didn't really love it. I love it in pictures but in person, I'm kinda meh about it. I'm hoping it grows on me in the next few days or I'm gonna take it back. :sad:
  3. i noticed that, too!

    last time i was in the store, the newest leather looked grainy (only way i can figure to descibe it)...when it first came out, it was really smooth
  4. The legacy leather wristlet in whiskey? :sad: Say it ain't so, cause I ordered one for me too. :crybaby: I want to love it!
  5. i've got the wristlet in legacy coming, too...should be here tomorrow, or says the tracking says
  6. That's the other thing I noticed was different too... my bag from December is tons smoother than this new one. :shrugs: Also, the newer bag just seems a LOT lighter to me than the one bought in December. Do any SAs know of the leather changing?
  7. My coworker and I both have the Whiskey and mine is a lot darker than hers?
  8. Bethy: what about the wristlet do you not love? I want to order the wristlet in pond when I get the shoulder bag. But I don't want to spend nearly $100 on it if it's just "eh".
  9. I have the legacy wristlet in black and adore it. It's just too cute for words. I figured that I loved the black one so much, that I better snag the one in whiskey while I could. LOL
  10. I just received my Legacy Shoulder bag in Whiskey and it is soooooo soft! It's so nice I can't keep from touching it. I am about to condition it and spray the protectant on. It's so soft and there are no cracking or rough spots anywhere! I ordered mine on Wednesday and JAX had to have Henderson, NV store ship it out to me because they're sold out. I don't know if that makes a difference, but it's so soft. :yahoo:
  11. I posted pics in the other thread of my wristlet in whiskey so you can see what I was talking about.
  12. I know what you were talking about, but I am just saying mine isn't like that. Should you ask for a different one?
  13. I got it from Coach.com because there aren't any Coach stores near me. Apparently they are sold out or almost sold out so I don't know if they'd have any of the original ones left.
  14. They're supposed to get more 1/21/07.
  15. Here are pictures of the new shoulder bag in whiskey that I ordered as a backup bag. Everytime I look at it, it keeps growing on me. This bag came to me from a San Antonio store in pristine condition. There were no scratches, and the leather was the smoothest I've seen in person. I still can't help wondering if the legacy leather is a bit different from the bag that I bought in December (currently being sent in for repair).

    This new bag just seems to be a lot lighter (not as heavy) than my other bag. The leather also has a different feel to me. Do you ladies know if the leather on this should change over time? Meaning - after being touched/used will the leather darken and become a more deep whiskey color?
    IMG_1045.jpg IMG_1042.jpg IMG_1043.jpg IMG_1047.jpg IMG_1054.jpg