Has the hype for the Watercolor died down?

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  1. Just wondering...
  2. I don't think it has died down completely because the vvns are coming out soon. Once those are released i'm sure the watercolor wave will come back. It might have died down some because the exotics have already been released so now we're not anticipating the huge release anymore, kwim?
  3. no not at all. everyone is now waiting patiently i think.
  4. its less than 3 weeks away...i say its the calm before the storm....
  5. OMG, I can't wait for it. I am so excited!!!
  6. Well i think it's a fad...Let say the damier azur for example...or the mirroir line...before it went out we where awaiting it,but now that it's available,we don't give it much attention.I guess we have to see when it comes out,but i know i would LOVE to see a watercolor pochette accessoire!
  7. Honestly I think everyone was just going nuts over the speedy and its still not out. I never did hear anyone waiting the pap or the other bag that came out in the watercolor.
  8. The attraction is waning a bit for me. I think I will change my mind on the watercolor pap and wait for the vernis alma instead.
  9. I got the call for the water color pap today. Please see my thread justed posted 1/2 hour ago
  10. no, i don't think it has died down at all.
  11. its a trendy "it bag" so maybe it's highly anticipated

  12. Agree!
  13. do you still love yours? i think that's all that should ever matter :yes:
  14. <---not for me....as the weather keeps getting warmer, I am really looking forward to a new colorful summer LV watercolor speedy !!!! (now all i need is a suntan!!)...
  15. I have had my exotic speedy since the release date and I still adore it, so I would say no the hype has not died down IMO.