Has the Frank Gehry Collecyion been Discontinued at Tiffany's?

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  1. Does anyone know if the Frank Gehry line has been / is going to be discontinued at Tiffany's?

    I noticed that on the website, his name is no longer listed under the "Designers & Collections" dropdown menu at the top of the page. Also, when I did a search for "gehry" only the Torque collection appeared in the search results.

    I'll be so disappointed if his designs are discontinued! I had been hoping to treat myself to the YG mini Orchid drop necklace within the next few months.
  2. oh no! I hope not! my sister and I were to gift each other with the fish pendant!!
  3. Yeah, and honestly it's more the fact that his name isn't under "Designers & Collections" anymore that makes me question whether his designs are being discontinued or not. :sad:
  4. Wow, makes me glad I already have his large orchid earrings!
  5. I noticed that a few days ago, too! This is very sad, as I adore his "torque" necklace and ring! They make me wish that I wasn't allergic to white gold... I wish they were offered in a non-white metal! I'd buy them today.
  6. Ok, I just got off the phone with Tiffany's.

    Apparently, their partnership with Frank Gehry has not ended, but at the moment all the lines except the Torque collection have been discontinued. She said they wouldn't have any of the other collections in store either. BUT, when I went to Tiffany's a couple weeks ago, they still had the Orchid and Fish collections there. So it might be worth checking your store just to be certain!

    I was planning on waiting another couple months to get the Orchid pendant, but if they have it at the store, I think I may snap it up, and just forego the new camera lens I was planning on buying!
  7. They definitely stopped selling his collections in the Australian stores as we tried to get the Torque ring for my fiance and we were told that they are no longer available in Australia which was a huge disappointment.
  8. As far as I know the situation is exactly the same in Europe... (I wanted the Torque ring as well ;)
  9. I noticed the same thing last week, when I was browsing Tiffany's website. I wanted Frank Gehry heart necklace... and I don't see it online! Why? Oh why?
  10. Hi - New member so this is my first post. :smile: I just got off the phone with Tiffany as I was inquiring about a few of the SS rings in this collection. This line has been discontinued so what's on the web site is pretty much all that is left. Some of the rings are not in all of the available sizes either - of course two that I was interested in weren't. Can anyone post pictures of any of these SS torque rings - the torque octogon, torque step, or torque micro? I know the micro is 1.6 mm (which seems small to me) and the octogon is 11 mm (which seems large to me). It's so hard to tell though without seeing what these look like on so any modeling pics would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  11. I adore Gehry's designs! Super sad I can't find all of his collections at the Tiffany's website. I have been looking up and down for the Star Earrings on Brushed Titanium and I GOT THEM! Yay! eBay, I love you! IMG_1477716787.815647.jpg IMG_1477716808.756344.jpg IMG_1477716829.031893.jpg a
  12. These earrings are great! I have the star bracelet. I love Frank Gehy's designs.
  13. I am really kicking myself for not getting one of his pieces when they were available.
  14. I'm lucky enough to have a few Gehry pieces and I'm glad I bought them when I did. My only regret is returning my torque cuff. I think I'd wear it every day if I had one now. Fingers crossed some designs from him come "Out of Retirement" (not likely).