Has the flap bag ever had the inner flap longer than the outer flap?

  1. Chanel newbie here and hoping for some advice. I saw a chanel flap bag where the inner flap was longer than the outer flap, was it a fake? Have never seen that before but I liked the look of it. Any ideas?
  2. Yes, they do exist. In fact, I have one!!
  3. Great news! What are they called if asking for them/trying to find one? Thanks so much!

  4. You know what, I think they are still called....flap bags!!!! :sweatdrop: You just need to describe them to the SA. However, these flap bags are mostly seasonal bags and I am not sure if chanel is releasing any such bag for Spring/Summer. The Drill collection seems to have one like that.
  5. Thanks again for all your help. Really appreciate it!!! :smile: