Has the Fendi Spy shrunk?

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  1. I have a black spy on hold at a boutique here...I always wanted one,but they were never available in this country.

    However,I'm amazed at how small it is. I thought they were huge!! Looking at the celeb thread,it also seems that the earlier pics are of bigger bags.

    the price of the bag in the boutique is 1450 euros. Is this a standard size Spy? Are they smaller now? It is not a baby Spy because I see that they have zippers. This one has the purse.

    And it's definitely authentic btw...it's a well-known designer shoe and bag store and I have quite a few Chloe bags and shoes from them.

    Thanks for any help!!:heart:
  2. The regular spy is about 16 inches wide X 9 inches tall -- those darn anorexic Stars sometimes make them look even larger...:wtf: Sounds like you have the correct spy bag from the price...
  3. i think you have a point there baglady...thank you!!
  4. That would be my opinion too. Those girls are skeletal and make everything look enormous. And just think, the camera is supposed to add 10 pounds, so imagine how frail and tiny they look in person!

  5. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: so right.....made my night baglady
  6. Do they make bigger spies? If I "flatten" my spy, it's about 17-18 in x 12 in?
  7. SPOT ON!!! LOL! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  8. i think there are 2 sizes for the spies. not sure if they are still made in those sizes or whether it is now just the one size.
  9. Is there a site with background info on the spy bags? Years, styles, sizes, colors, etc.?
  10. ^ Thank you, checking it out...

    EDIT: The link doesn't work (in that it leads or redirects to forum.purseblog.com instead...)
  11. No worries. Lit did a great job compiling that list.