has the color of chanel's gold chains changed at all?

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  1. i bought a vintage chanel recently, and while i loved the look of the gold chains in stores, mine seems a little brassy. has chanel changed it over the years? is there any way to make mine look less brassy? thanks!
  2. hmmmmm. Im no chanel expert, But since it is a vintage chanel, I think the gold will turn brassy a little bit. Im not too sure though. I know that with louis vuitton, the really old bags, the gold will turn brassy over time.

    just my 2 cents, but I might be wrong, some1 correct if I am so!
  3. I have a vintage chanel the gold is still veryvery vibrant!!! I wouldn't say brassy at all....but I think the new gold hardware may be slightly toned down..
  4. Should be no change in old gold hardware. There was a thread about this topic. Just do a search.